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Greetings, this is . Otherwise it’s pretty awesome town. Uh, yes. This is sun lit tides. Although at the moment I, uh, I’m not really seeing tides. I’m definitely not seeing sun lifting things. It is nighttime though. That’s, that’s kind The Sims 3 Full Version of how it works anyway. Oh, look, there’s the sun it’s coming up right. As glitch, the game thicker kind of dead. There is a sun and tides anyway.

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All right. So this is a fricking awesome The Sims 3 Full Version Download looking town. It’s really kind of like a, it’s a little idea and saying, well, aren’t they all islands? I don’t know, but it’s this outer banks, he kind of thing you have. Yeah, like different banks, not the monetary you can, that you can, uh, live on all that a lot. The Frick that I just do, let’s just take a look around here. Uh, yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s pretty frigging big. It’s got a lot of stuff here and it’s just got a cool design, you know, it reminds me of a. Ah, place, man. Frick was all these stupid messages. Yeah, I like it. It’s got a cool look to it is it does what the Frick there appeared to The Sims 3 Full Game PC be a shipwreck out there. Somebody wrecked it, bad drivers. I always go down to SIM level here. Take a look around. Yep.

The Sims 3 Review

It’s a pretty awesome looking place. You got like starfish and stuff that float up on the shore or whatever. Not a lot of nice little touches like that. I like it. I like it all that. I just. I wish it didn’t cost so much. And thank goodness, I didn’t have to pay for it. It was not going to it’s like the past several towns, man. They just cost way too darn much. So I’m like, screw it. I’m not getting it. And they even doing your video on it, but somebody, yeah, it keeps coming through man Simmons fans. They’re crazy and awesome. Uh, so B eight 23. Thank you very The Sims 3 Download PC much for, or gifting me this on the Sims three store Sims three sites, whatever. It’s fantastic when you get it for free. If you’re not a then yeah. I said, I’m done, I’m done complaining about this frigging cost because it’s getting old. I’m really getting tired of it. And aye. Aye. Yeah. Just screw that. I’m done. I’m done, man. But you, the water looks fantastic in this one. It’s got a really nice, you know, I was like, no, look, it’s blue and such. Ooh.

ts3 download pc

Yes, water actually does look like that The Sims 3 Download Game PC and places. Yeah. It’s just a neat look to this place and all the places have that nice little sort of, islandy kind of look to them as well. So this is the town hall here as far as new items. Yeah. You could see some of the new. Items, uh, in use here, like a lot of new trees on the rocks and such most of us, pretty much everything you’re seeing here comes with the regular version. So you don’t have to pay like a crap ton more for it. What does that add grocery store? That was cool. So yeah, all these kind of places. This is another really nice one. They’re just really nicely designed lots. I mean, it’s. Full of trees and have these cool, like, you know, whatever, man, I don’t know TS 3 All DLC Download PC what that is, but it’s awesome. It’s like a little outpost or whatever with Tiki heads holding it up. That’s sweet. Just looks really cool. So you get pretty much all of this with the standard edition and then 24, $25.

the sims 3 download

What you do get is a, I don’t know, one of the things you do get That’s one other thing you do get with the regular standard edition TS 3 All DLC for PC Download is this guy right here. I pay, pay no attention to the gory things. Just getting my Sims in the mood for supernatural, with all sorts of crazy weirdness. So yes, spell books, incantations, and with witchcraft, I like me some witchcraft. And swimming. Anyway, you get this here. It’s a sauna. It’s a get out of the pool Duke. Yes. Start up the sun. Yeah. This comes with the regular edition. So basically what you can do is, uh, enjoy it. Enjoy some refreshing steam, much better than that. Nonrefreshing origin and just, yeah, take a sit and enjoy the stuff. I like this thing. It’s pretty cool. I mean, you know, it’s kind of like a hot tub, you know, but it’s not cause it’s steam, although you can get in the tub. It’s interesting. You can scoot. And if you want to scoot, scoot Duke Nukem move. He doesn’t The Sims 3 Download Game on PC want to scoot. He wants to sit there and enjoy the refreshing steam. Oh yeah. I’m scooting over good stuff. Or if you want to, you can enjoy we lazy mud bath or hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is just taking a bath. There’s nothing weird about that. The mud bath, though, not with water. It’s with. Water and dirt like dirt, I guess you guys come over here and enjoy this too. Yeah. I’ll put the cucumbers underneath the sunglasses there.

That’s. That’s fantastic. All right. So yeah, that, thing’s cool. You know, that’s nice. Uh, what the fuck, why they getting up and leaving when telling your fortune and such is just much more attempting than steam, apparently at the moment, whatever. That’s cool wrestling with the camera today. What the Frick is? Multi-story houses, man, down a few notches. There we go. Much easier. We recycle as a crab for Oh, here and learn some frigging spells. He can curse people summon. I don’t know what that does. Creepy stuff, man. I like it. I had a dude SCADA. What are you got here though?

Torture that chick because Hey, why not? These are all the magic items here in case The Sims 3 Version Complete you’re not aware of they’re from the store as well. Although we’re going to be getting a heck of a lot more magic stuff when a supernatural comes out next month. So yeah. Be looking DME to look out for that, but wait, wait, wait, where did she go? Oh, she’s trying to get away. No, no, no, I don’t think so. Oh, you’re going to try to recycle now, man. He Sims with your frigging free will. You can just stop. I’m going to get you hard foods. Great. How purely evil. I love that voodoo doll. He’s still learning spells and okay. Whatever. Uh, right. What else does this thing come with? Oh, yeah, this is also a new Woohoo location, although I haven’t tried it yet. So let’s try this out. You and you over there. Am going to turn your frig and freewill off. Cause I’m tired of you guys doing crap on your own.

ts3 dlc download

The Sims 3 Full Version Download for PC

Screw you and your choices. That’s fricking Download The Sims 3 Full Version dumb, man. I’ll stop telling you unfortunate. Getting rid of that thing I think is nothing but trouble. They just go there and tell them unfortunate all day long and then don’t do anything with their actual life. They just wait for their fortune and then don’t act on it at all. It’s useless. Fricking fourteens. All right. Get over here now. You might’ve wondered why I have summoned you here today. Well, it’s to get it. And, um, maybe, actually, now that the steam is gone here, Duke turned the steam on for him. Yeah, that’s right. I’ll get it to the moon for you guys. Now. See if I can watch.

Jeep Gama do or something to do, not just go inside, actually go inside and yeah, there you go. Have a smoke at Duke has taken up smoking. Fantastic Mata found recently, although those just cigarettes, not cigars at this point, Dick needs cigars, but Hey, whatever. That’s cool. A little The Sims 3 Full Version Download Game more Duke persona added and it’s always good. All right. So let’s see these guys. Um, yes, cuddle Cardall dare. Now. Do things, love him? Uh, sauna no, not getting new kids. Let’s just get it on. I am curious as to how that works or does it, does it at all? Are they doing anything? What are they doing? Oh, more steam. I can still see that. Huh? This could get weird. Nope.

the sims 3 complete edition download

The steam, it makes the magically disappear. How convenient you guys like shrunk down to half your size or something, man. That’s The Sims 3 Full Version PC some incredible Woohoo right there. Shrunken is not usually something you want when you’re getting it on. Like that same works. Now, uh, cigarette to get, let 17 cigarettes. Yeah, that’s plenty you do. Okay. I don’t need that ax. Why is it there? My acts had take that gun. You never know when you might need it. Are you going to. Okay, there we go. You can have your freewill back, guys. I just wanted you to, I just want to force you to have relations. Oh. Thinking about other people, what the Frick. Alright. Let’s take a look at the rest of this town. Uh, I got a nice little, another little park here. This one kind of reminds me of the one that came with a. It actually doesn’t remind me of anything. Screw it. It’s pretty unique. Restaurants are cool. Everything’s cool. Cool looking place, man. I like it. I just, I just do, okay. I don’t really have anything to criticize about this place, except the price. The price is exorbitant, but a place is awesome.

I like little places like this. I kind of wish it, you could make this like a vacation destination. You know what I mean? Like for where the whole world adventures thing, because otherwise you have to move your The Sims 3 Download Free Sims here and it feels more like a vacation spot town, which is fine, I suppose. But you know, this is new. Yeah. That’s the criminal location is like in a volcano. Um, that seems a little. Beyond cliched and silly, but whatever. Yeah. I got a volcano rabbit hole. That’s a interesting, neat little hideaway plays up here. It’s like a little outdoor bed and breakfast kind of thing. And you’ve got a bed and you can have breakfast. You get where I’m coming from. Yes, it’s nice, neat little alcoves of tucked away all over this place. Here’s some of the regular kind of places here. You’ve got restaurants and bookstores, such lots of nice houses, very cool looking houses. It comes with a lot of new houses. So if you like houses that are made by a SIM scene, there you go. Pretty sure. There’s not much else other than what you’d expect. You know, it’s just Island themed things, which is cool. Stop telling me stuff. Alright. One other thing though, that comes with, if you get the gold version of this, the deluxe town that costs $44 comes with a bunch of more stuff, not the least of which is this. Place here, which I have called, uh, Newcombe rubs. You can The Sims 3 Telecharger Jeux call it whatever you want, but. That’s what I called it. It’s a massage parlor. Not to be confused with the spa.

The Sims 3 Télécharger PC Gratuit

There’s still a spa and it is still a rabbit hole, which is I’m somewhere over here somewhere. I don’t know. It’s still there, but. Oh, yeah, it is. It is. So you can still go get a massage for whatever freaking reason there. But if you get this one with the gold town of sunlight tides, you can get this little non rabbit hole place. Let’s send Duke Nukem over here to get rubbed. All right. So it’s pretty cool looking little deal. He got some much The Sims 3 Download more new items, some much more. So which one is it? Some are much more, I don’t know. It is both at the same time you can donate what the Frick, what you want to donate them. He didn’t, he hasn’t air. Let’s put that there. Let me see if I can do this believe. I can donate the lobster. Ha. All right. So I’m gonna put a lobster in his fish tank. Yeah. It comes with a fish tank and it comes with some decor items like these, like whatever, you know, I guess those things curtains and, uh, this, that does nothing. Most of it does nothing, but this does do something here. This is a massage table, so you can get a massage or acupuncture fricking acupuncture. Oh wow. Romantic massage. That was something I was not aware of.

Oh, let’s try this without I prefer The Sims 3 Full Version the female. Cause I do new gum. What are you sinking? What? It would be rope. What? Inappropriate bull crap. I’m paying her. It’s not inappropriate. It’s totally fair. Free country. You anyway. All right, so let’s just get acupuncture then. Uh, yes. Okay. Whenever they decide to show up. That is actually, they’d probably be bold because they don’t care. They just want to get drunk instead, somewhat understandable. Why don’t you have both guys? You think of that? It’s a possibility what the frig see, this is the problem that you constantly run into when you like this game, trying to do it live. And yet all they want to do is everything other than what you want to do. So I’m going to cheat and make them happy. All right. And you were going to get some frigging acupuncture, man. What’s wrong with you. You get acupuncture in the wrong place and lose all the ability to move creep. All right, there we go. Yeah, acupuncture me with The Sims 3 Full Version Download my clues on cause I’m dope. New gum.

the sims 3 all dlc download

The Sims 3 Download Full Game PC

So I do like this little animation to do here. It’s like throwing darts. Yeah. I guess it helps. I don’t know. They don’t seem, I mean, they get The Sims 3 Full Game PC kind of happy from it, but it’s uh, yeah, it’s acupuncture more or less. Yeah, let’s try this with these two that are romantically involved. See if we can get this romantic massage. I am surprised they put that in there. Oh man. Can I make like an Asian massage parlor? Some happy endings? Yes. Thank you. Sims four. Making things riskier than they ever have been. Oh, what is this? She’s getting a massage now. She, well, acupuncture, dry. You’re laughing. You guys have no frigging tact whatsoever. Do you get massage? Romantic massage with whoever is on the lot. Okay. So you can get a massage from whoever happens to be nearby. That’s weird. You can The Sims 3 Download PC just sort of enslave any passers by and be like, Hey, touch my body. I’ll do it. Oh, well, okay. So there, huh? Dark hole. You dumb SIM let’s get over here taking your free will again. It’s it’s just not even cool. Let’s just go with low. See if they do that. Okay. Go over here. Go over here. Now you’re in the same frigging room. Okay. I struggle to get this massage, man. All I want to do is a rub down maybe a little bit more. All right. Let’s see how it works. I liked that left there. You know, what’s coming don’t you hear a giant beard? Lips. Oh, Hey, bringing out that game. Uh, what the get outta here, man? What are you watching? You’re going to come in here and complain about being hungry. You know what?

They come up here and shoot you in the face. Yeah. Nobody likes you either. Shout them both. Now get out of here, dude. Did the reminding massage even happen? Oh no, no, they’re here. They got scared by death. What he just killed him. It’s no big deal. Oh, come on the police. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Shoot them too. Oh, what’s going on? I just wanted a massage. Great. Now their souls are leaving and the grim Reaper, just go in the other room and do the massage guys. Dude, Nicole’s going to jail. Dang it. Okay, let’s do this massage. Stop worrying about death. It’s fine. It’s no big deal. It happens all the time. You see The Sims 3 Download Game PC ghost every other night. Wait, can I get the grim Reaper, a massage? I wonder. Oh, my goodness. Let’s try this. That would be hilarious. No, go back, go back, go back. Give him a massage. That’d be fantastic. Come on grim. Get your massage. Yeah, poking it. Ghosts, man. Don’t you want to sweet as massage man asleep, Swedish massage. He brought her back. Oh, what the Frick? Nothing ever works. How I want it to you don’t deserve to live either. I killed you. Woo. Okay. Alright, let’s just get this fricking massage. I want to see what this looks like. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe how quickly this escalated. Romantic massage, lazy gamer of you’re. Okay, let’s go. All right. Yeah. Fine. Give it to her. I don’t care. Yeah, I guess that’s pretty romantic match tier. It was a massage with candles. Oh my goodness. That’s it all that for that? Okay, fine. Let’s try a hot stone massage. See what this does on believable and that’s about what I expected. And here’s some rocks on your back. Oh man. I want to kill somebody else just to see TS 3 All DLC Download PC if I can give the grim Reaper massage. That sounded hilarious. Resurrect she’s already. She brought herself back from the dead. You don’t need to resurrect anything. Stop with your, what is this Duke still in jail, work out in there, something Duke, you know, you went no, actually make some friends.

ts3 dlc download

So when it was on criminals, we can go and beat the cops up. Next time you shoot somebody in the middle of the massage parlor. Oh my goodness. Uh there’s one other thing I wanted to try, actually, it’s a. Well, several other things. There’s a lot of weird little things to try out in here. Yeah. Let’s try this. Let’s turn the make steamed veggies. Yes. You can steam TS 3 All DLC for PC Download vegetables in the sauna. It’s just kind of funny, actually. I don’t think you can do it with steak. It brought some steak too, just to make sure there we go. Is Dino’s vegetables. Oh, tasty. You’ve just steamed that on a thing where sweaty people. Hang out all day. I hope it tastes good. Maybe a little extra salt. Yeah. Amazing. Romantic. Maybe that’s even better. Let’s try it. Stop eating your nasty food. Give massage amazing romantic. I doubt it’ll be any different because honestly it’ll probably just be like, give amazing massage, like when The Sims 3 Download Game on PC they’re standing up. So it’s not different. The massage is a little bit disappointing, but that’s just because I was expecting some action. It’s okay. I’m not as surprised now that they included the romantic massage because it’s just a massage with candles. Did I put something in here? I thought I did. I thought I put a lobster in here. Maybe I didn’t. She just fed the water. Good job Duke out of jail yet. Wait. Yes, he is. They took his cigarettes. Oh no, actually he doesn’t have any cigarettes on them. That’s fine. Ah, there’s the two that he’s killed. That’s funny. I want to change the bind to the cuffs. Some, a voodoo magic on the police force of sunlight tides. Let’s see. Well, crap, I guess The Sims 3 Version Complete you can’t just, Hey, there’s a cop actually. You know what? Nope, Nope. Yeah. Here we go. Hey, no, come back. Don’t go inside there. I’ll come on. Donuts can wait. Don’t you want to be looted?

The Sims 3 Version Complete PC

My mayhem is always thwarted in these videos. That’s okay though. Anything else? Cool to see here? Just really frigging extravagant Download The Sims 3 Full Version houses. That is pretty awesome. Now that seems like every single place here has a pool, which is intriguing. So, ah, you know, is it my favorite town? I don’t know, but I really do like it. I think I still like a lucky poems or whatever it is a little bit better, but that’s just, cause I like. Deserts and stuff, but I really like Island tropical places too. In fact, this reminds me of the resort on the game, dead islands. So I’m actually looking forward to a supernatural. Now, just to try this out, I have some zombies hanging around. I said, Duke Nukem out there against zombies. And werewolves with a sniper rifle and cigarettes sounds like a good time. And then of course a seasons should look pretty cool here too. And you got summer and everything. And then I guess maybe you’ll have snow here. That’d be kind of weird. It’s not my house. Yes, it is. This one. Yeah. All right. Well, here we go. Come back guys. That’s pretty much everything to show here. It’s just a nice The Sims 3 Full Version Download Game looking town, a little bit of ridiculous they’re happening accidentally. That was. I still want to try to give the grim Reaper massage. Let’s see the decor. I don’t think it’s decor. I think it’s under entertainment.

Isn’t it? Intimate Zen. There it is. You can massage people on the beach now. Call somebody over kill them. Wait for the green river to show up hope the cops don’t. If not, I’ll kill the cops too. Actually, I don’t think he can. Maybe you can. It seems like the, like a forced action, which makes sense. I suppose they don’t want to turn Sims three into GDA or anything. What’s this skinny dipping going on over here. Oh man. Who didn’t invite me? I don’t care who you are. Um, Hmm. Who do I want to kill. Kill you. Throw here. Hurry up. Alright, go. And. That’s a really big gun. Okay. Shoot you and head go. Now put that frigging gun away. Good times. Grim Reaper. Where are you at? There you are. Now I’m going to give The Sims 3 Download Free you the massage of your legs. Give massage, Swedish massage to the grim rebrand. Yes, it’d be great. Sorry for killing your girlfriend. Lazy game reviewer SIM. You’ll get another one. She’s a ghost now. Ghosts are fun too. You can, uh, yeah. Lots of fun. Jump in your gravestone. Now give him and no, no, no. Hey, what is this garbage. Be happy. Okay. Give massage to the grim Reaper. It is pretty simple. Pillow fight is not necessary, although that’s what he wants, but I’m Duke Nukem. I want to give you a massage.

He looked like he could use some, uh, relief, his bones look kind of, yeah. Okay. The, uh, it’s happening guys. What are you going to voice your eyes? You’re going to get to moisturize bones there. Oh yeah. Duke Nukem. I’ll give the most amazing sweetest. The grim Reaper, lazy game reviews are going to come back. See dude, look, I’m giving them a size to the grim Reaper and his dead girlfriend on the ground. That’s the Sims three. That is The Sims 3 Telecharger Jeux story. Wow. I got to say, this is much better than I expected. Just walk around it. What are you going to do? There you go. Walking around the stump with the chapter off. It’s perfectly acceptable. Yeah. Yeah, you’re heartbroken, but the grim Reaper was getting a massage. Oh, it’s not that sad. Yeah. Well, um, that’s sunlit tides. A lot of fun. Just expensive.

ts3 download free

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