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Anybody remember this? You, you would install the game The Sims 2 Full Version and you’d get to do like a quiz on Sims facts and have like a little memory matching tile game. That was cool. So nowadays when you install it on a modern computer with a digital copy, it installs so quickly. You don’t get to play it anyway. Yeah. This is the Sims to fricking finally. Yes released in September the 14th of September in 2004. Holy crap. It’s been almost a decade, uh, while that that’s insanity, but anyway, yes, this is the game right here. Uh, you start the game up and it’s very much different from the Sims one. You have a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, and this is just the base game. You know, there’s no expansion throw nothing. Three fricking neighborhoods, full neighborhoods, totally different pleasant view, strange town of her own Advil. Whoa. And you could even make your own frigging custom neighborhoods right here based on SIM city for maps.

How to download Full Version of The Sims 2?

This was so fricking cool. What the Frick The Sims 2 Download happened anyway. Yeah. You can make them right here. It was so easy. You had to learn to play thing. It was so easy. This game was so easy to get into and you had so much content at the beginning and veg look, Joe, Ben, and get some of that cut did right now. We’re going to start in pleasant view. A lot has happened in 25 years. Okay. I think this one takes place somehow on a timeline that’s like after the Sims, I don’t know it’s before Sims one. I don’t remember. I don’t, I don’t know. There’s some sort of timeline thing going on. Yeah. Oh really? This is pleasant view. It looks quite pleasant. It’s got a bridge and water. All you need for pleasant view. Yes. There you go. All right, so there’s houses. Yeah. As you can see, the game is now completely in 3d. Whoa. The Sams one was in a locked perspective, isometric view. Although you had a three D models for the Sims themselves, everything else was just two D pre rendered. And this on the other hand, everything’s 3d. Because half of the stuff is not a sheet isn’t much, but anyway, yeah, I was always jealous of like the console people that got that console version of the Sims that was all in 3d and stuff. And then finally this came out and I’m like yours. And then my computer was crap and I couldn’t really The Sims 2 Full Version play it. And it took for fricking ever to load or do anything.

And I was like a year. I still have the same. Who cares if it’s slow, but anyway, yeah, here we go. But what can we do here? Well, you can place frigging decorations. Right here. Just raw. Look how freaking easy that is. You can just get into this game and start screwing around with everything from the get go. Like it’s so much freaking easier to do than stuff in the Sims three. It’s great. I love it. Who needs these things? I don’t know nobody does, but I can do them. So they’re now done. This is the nastiest looking town ever. Yeah, let’s put some rainbows everywhere. We so many fricking rainbows in this place. Rainbows are like mustaches for the sky and everybody’s going to have a farm on their lot because that’s what I do. Alright. So here we go. We are going to actually play the game. Now are we, let me check the options, make sure here. Uh, yeah. Yeah, it looks good. It looks good The Sims 2 Full Version Download to me. Alright. Yeah. A bunch of good stuff. As far as music here too. Yeah. Wasn’t just a bunch of good stuff, man.

From the very beginning, I liked that. Oh yeah. You could also do like a recording for the first time within the game. Not having to use an external program like frappes, although that’s what I’m doing here. That’s a lot of rainbows. Oh my anyway, uh, add, yes. It had some online features, which a moment of silence has now been discontinued. So, um, No, actually, no moment of silence. I don’t like this, but you could actually upload everything directly to the exchange or they’re having to go through any third party sites or anything like that. It was pretty cool. Uh, I like to think of it as maybe sort of a EA response to sites like the Sims resource and other places that charged money for doing douchey thing. But anyway, let’s, uh, let’s take The Sims 2 Full Game PC a look at some houses. Alright, that’s a good look. Hell of a Hacienda. That is a hell of a Hotsy in there, right there.

The Sims 2 Review

Let’s let’s make us, uh, what am I making a city? Let’s not, let’s make a family. It’s going to be these guys. What’s the family going to be called up? Hmm. Well, I wonder, Hmm. It’s not going to be do new company. Uh, we got to start The Sims 2 Download Game PC off with the, uh, review or because it’s me. Yeah, we’re going to go the lazy game reviewer, lazy game reviewer end this. Oh yeah. This is another big addition to the Sims. You know, I can’t believe it now, but in the Sims, when you couldn’t age up your Sims crazy. Well now you’ve got five distinct life States ranging from elder adult, teenager, child and toddler. Pretty fricking crazy. So, yeah, you can do that bunch of more body shop options, which we’ll get into here in a moment. Uh, skin tones being separate. No, although it’s super, super easy to mod this one. In fact, you had the Sims body shop, external program that you could mod and, you know, like make your own clothing and stuff right there. It was so fricking easy to do, uh, ease of use and tons of ability, right? From the get go. That was the Sims two and it was amazing. Uh, we can completely randomize her SIM. Let’s see what we get here. That looks nothing like me, but maybe TS 2 All DLC Download PC we’ll just go with that. Uh, I definitely am. I’m even wider than this guy, but whatever, let’s go for that. Andy, you have two body shapes. You’ve got. Sort of slightly chubby and a fit, no body sliders here, but whatever, go with that. And, uh, yeah. So let’s see, let’s go with, um, what did I normally go with? I think I normally went with this or something, although in good grief, you zoomed in enough.

Let’s look at that ear, man. That’s a nasty look in here. I can count the potty guns. Let’s have some hair. Hair is always a good thing. If you don’t want your, uh, skin exposed on your scalp, awkward silence, the hall, pick it with a Mohawk, just cause I don’t give a crap right now and we’re going to choose a face. I was like doing this, just go between all these different extremes and then you just, yeah, you see them, like, I always like to try to get there. Uh, like here we go. You can almost see it. It looks like a, I don’t even know what somebody that had some horrible disease, you know, in between the transitions there, but yeah. So you could, you TS 2 All DLC for PC Download could deal with all sorts of different starting face styles and then individually, uh, do craziness. Man. Yeah. This game is fantastic. The fact that you can make the ugliest fricking creatures I’ve ever seen is a it’s wonderful. Really? So yes, there we go. Yeah, it looks quite acceptable to me. How about, uh, let’s see this right here. Let’s just do all sorts of extremes because that’s what I like. I need nice big anime eyes that. That is the only acceptable thing. A lazy game reviewer. Yeah, that’s me. That’s me right here. Why you could make such extremes? I have no freaking clue, but that was one of the greatest things about, uh, at least it was for me. Yeah. I get bored sometimes, you know, and you just, you just want him.

Let loose and out. Well, this allows you to do that. That’s for freaking sure. No, we did it all the way out. Okay. There’s teeth coming out of his cheeks. Oh, okay. That’s fantastic. I need more of that. There we go. No, no. Nice The Sims 2 Download Game on PC and skinny. Uh, yeah. Uh, that that’s me with T right there and let’s put some makeup, mines my lashes. And uh, let’s put some of those things. One of the freaked out is. There’s some lipstick there, nicely. There we go. Uh, costume makeup, which I never understood the point of it, unless you want to make a guy that looks like this. And in that case, it’s, it’s ideal this, there we go. Oh yeah. And no glasses, because we want to see everything in it’s and it’s a complete natural beauty. Ask some stubble, because why not add a full beard? Because this, that actually, my beard is a heck of a lot, but whatever she was closest to it. Yes. And see here we have a, what do I have two in here? I don’t remember. I, here we go. Yeah. I made this one, like five minutes just with Photoshop and the body shop that comes with the game. I mean, it’s just so fricking easy and approachable to just customize the crap out of this. Just with the stuff out of the box. It’s just, that’s The Sims 2 Version Complete great. If the Sims four doesn’t have this kind of stuff, then I’m going to be kind of disappointed. I equate the Sims three to the Sims one in a lot of ways, just in the fact.

ts2 download pc

Well, at the beginning, especially Download The Sims 2 Full Version the fact that it doesn’t have as much to it as far as ease of use and being able to just get in there and do your own thing and the amount of stuff that it comes with. I’m really hoping that the Sims for they, they go with more like the Sims too, you know, uh, SIM three felt kind of like a reboot of the series to me and, uh, let’s choose some pants and go with them. Whereas the Sims four, I think, could be like an improvement on the same three and pretty much every way. At least that’s what I hope it is. So, uh, anyways. Yeah. Alright. Let’s do that. Oh yes. I enjoy food on my balls. So there we go. This is. Okay. And, uh, yes, silly, silly colors please. And athletic. I don’t care. Now we also have some personality choices, which has the same exact crap as the Sims one, choose your, uh, astrological sign up to do whatever. And you could choose an aspiration, which is good. For some reason. I forget exactly why, but let’s go with the knowledge because knowledge is power and we’ll do that. We need to add another person since we have this doofus.

And there’s The Sims 2 Full Version Download Game only one choice for this horse. All right, man, let’s go with my premade one here and I did in the body shop earlier and put some clothes on him. Oh, stop. Zooming in. Get away. Okay, here we go. Let’s see, it comes with a nice handy red tank top already in the game. That was always nice. And it made some custom Duke like pants here I needed. Oh man. I forgot to put the belt on there, but that’s okay. Whatever. Get a nice pimp suit you in some nice underwear leopard print. There is no other way. PJ’s. That will be nicer than a red one, because Dulcie like, right. And we’ll go with the, actually we go with this one because it looks like it’s pointing right to his, uh, bowls of steel. And there we go. And of course, what are we going to go up? I like to be popular actually. Do you like, we’re like, Woohoo.

Even better than that. So yeah, here we go. We’re going to go for that. It’s actually called blue. Who now, as opposed to the Sims where it was, was it just get frisky or something? Yeah, outgoing, active, uh, that works The Sims 2 Full Version PC a little less neat. Perhaps a little not nice playful. I like to play around. Okay. Uh, eh, this is a family, um, that can be married. Uh, that would be intriguing, but we’re not going to do that. And, uh, there we go. We have a nice, happy family here with, uh, Jokester douche over here with the Lacy CamberView shirt on. Oh man, I I’m. Wow. I actually made that didn’t I I’m having second thoughts. All right. So let’s choose a lot to go into this one. Forget about all this junk. Oh, this is fantastic. Let’s start with, uh, uh, let’s put it, let’s do a house this time because Oh right next to the Kelly aunties that was traps. Yeah, we’re going to go and visit them at some point.

ts2 download

Let’s see if we can have some fun. Okay. All right. So yes, so many additions The Sims 2 Download Free with this one. I don’t even know where to start, so I guess we’ll just talk about them when we get to them. But, uh, now, I mean, the aging up was a huge, huge thing. I know, for me, it was one of the things I wanted so much with the original game. I mean, it was like, you were a prisoner of your own life. You just kind of were one age and your kids never aged up. I don’t remember them ever, ever aging up. Well dealt with S you know, you have different life States that you go through and let’s just awesome. You can age up, have kids, they aged up, had different generations was sweet. Plus you also have all these ones and fears, which, uh, that’s nice. You can lock them in place, but you can’t get rid of them. That kind The Sims 2 Telecharger Jeux of sucks. I can’t get rid of them. I don’t know. I don’t know. And you also have fears, never really liked these. It really made the game quite annoying because it’s quite easy to be rejected for a flirt or pass out, especially if you’re a Duke Nukem. So you’d often end up with like the STEM shrink or whatever coming in to diagnose you, whatever. Let’s get a double bid.

Put that right here and that cost money. So is fine. At least when you’re doing a video like this, there we go. We got money. Let’s see, we have a pinball table. We’re going to put that outside because pinball is loud. We’ll put it right here. I put a remote control car over there and a game console, nowhere actually, we’re going to put that somewhere else and I guess that’s all we need. What else do we have here? We have things we have comfort and surface says. Plumbing, uh, God’s a blooming road here, so we don’t need any more of that. Duke has ample plumbing. We need a fridge. Fridges are good ever present food processor. Cause SIM suck. We’ll leave that there because hopefully The Sims 2 Download PC their house will burn down. That’d be hilarious. Uh, coffee now we don’t need that. A microwave. Don’t know if they can use it there, but that’s, that’s fine. Uh, let’s see.

The Sims 2 dlc download

The Sims 2 Full Version Download for PC

Here we have crappy artwork. That’s awful. Don’t eat any of that. Um, curtains. Wow. What a waste of time curtains. Let’s just, let’s just put them outside. See, that makes sense to me. And we go, yeah, that’s a nice house music, man. It was so much cheerier and happier than the Sims one, or I don’t know, maybe a little more hyper is The Sims 2 Full Version the word I’m looking for, but just as memorable at the same time, I need some form of entertainment here, but this nice old computer. That’d be good. We’re going to put this right here. I always hated that desk. So that’s why I’m using it to get over my fear. Yeah. Let’s put a bunch of chairs around it just in case we have a party. Yeah. Right. Okay. Uh, yeah. Looks good. So you knew. Boom. All right. So you see his want for a double bed has been fulfilled. Andy now wants a stereo. This guy probably once a new face, but that’s not in here. Well, I’ll get a job in the science. You might get a new face in there or medicine. Hm. He does want a new face.

So here we go. What does he fear? Fire getting sick, using a public toilet. Wow. That’s that’s quite the fear right there. Alright. So what do you think it is? Crappy desk. I think it’s crap. Then again, I have a red nose The Sims 2 Full Game PC Rudolph the lazy game reviewer. Does it like fire or public bathrooms, but Duke new gums? Well, they don’t give a grip. That’s right. Oh, Let’s play some shark pinball fricking Y I, yeah. I don’t know. Maybe your nose will, uh, give you, Oh, you’re already doing that. Well, see, there you go. Yeah. His nose gives them ability. The ability to remote control cars better. Cause it acts kind of as an antenna. If I was completely honest. I, yeah, that’s definitely antenna territory right there. A beard is just barely covering up the teeth popping out of his cheeks. But yeah, it gets the job done. Hey, you are you probably under age?

So watch out greet Amy Jones. Get over here. Let’s talk. Let’s find somebody. Are you wanting to meet somebody new? Right? Here’s somebody. Are you new tip? Oh, Oh, not that kind of a person. All right. So yeah, they do still disappear out there. So even though you can actually, you can’t say, yeah, well, I guess he can’t, he can kind of see other lots are here, but you don’t actually see them. Oh, man. I choked TS 2 All DLC Download PC on my own, uh, description. Uh, you can see the other lots, but you can’t actually see the other lots that wasn’t added until a later expansion or update or whatever.

The Sims 2 ultimate collection download

Uh, and you can’t actually just walk to them like you can in the same three, that was the big open neighborhood was really a big Sims three edition. So, uh, with this, if you wanted to go somewhere, you would have to call them up or. Just go TS 2 All DLC for PC Download there. I think I don’t want us to see how exactly does that happen. I haven’t played the vanilla version of this game and Frick probably since about 2005. So I don’t exactly remember the limitations of this one. Well, that’s okay. Hey, you’re new. Let’s meet you. Stop walking. Why is your name? Why did you shoot them away? I don’t want to meet you. That’s dude. No, come for you. He man, man,

The Sims 2 Télécharger PC Gratuit

I’d rather drive this car. He looked like a, I got an 18 year newcomer or something. I don’t know. It doesn’t quite look right in Sims too, but. He would look better if I had some better clothes for him. If anybody has any better Duke Nukem clothing, uh, that’d be great. Alright, let’s get you guys out of here. Of course. You’re on a computer. Aren’t you? What are you going to play here? SIM Oh, S O something with a CD or some high tech crap. Oh, you’re going to play the operating system that needed a CD. I’m sure. You can chat with people, send emails, places. This is three. Find a job, write a novel. Let’s find a job cause you don’t need one. What kind of jobs are out there for a Mohawk guy with a red nose and teeth The Sims 2 Download Game on PC coming out of his face? A business career is a mail room technician. Well, yeah, somebody someplace where nobody will see you. That seems ideal. There you go. Duke Nukem on the other hand needs to get out of here and meet some people and get it on. Good job in the slacker career. You know what if I don’t want that? Oh, here we go. Wait. No, keep it. Well, I guess you can’t get rid of it. I think it, what does it refresh every day or something I think is how that works. I suppose. We’ll see. Yes. And these points you can get for a actually fulfilling these like out of 500.

The Sims 2 all dlc download

The Sims 2Download Full Game PC

Cause we got that bed. So eventually you can get your little lifetime reward kind of hangs here and our aspiration rewards in this one. So you get money, tree noodle, soother, the homo genius. Smart milk. Cool shades. The shades are so cool. Love tub hit. And career rewards, which I don’t think I ever got any of the cause I was awful. I had The Sims 2 Version Complete careers in this game for some reason, not entirely sure. Why, another thing I’m awful at, at least at the moment, because I don’t want to mess with it. Is that actually designing houses. It’s a big part of it though. I probably designed more houses in this one than I ever did in the Sims one. He really has a great house design system here, but uh, let’s see, where do we do this? Not that I know what I’m doing. What the Frick, why isn’t he doing anything? Okay. There’s that? And there’s that? There’s the hand. There’s the design tool, huh? Uh, yeah, I’m completely baffled. It will let me place things. Here’s a phone or whatever. And then I go in here. Doesn’t do crap. I think it was a design tool. This doesn’t work nothing night and day works. Well. Why, why, why, why? I don’t know. I’m just gonna let it go. Oh, Hey. Here’s someone.

Oh, it’s the tramp sisters, Nina and Dina. I have done interesting things with them over the years of playing this game. I think everyone has, because they’re pretty much omnipresent. I like the de facto starting ladies Download The Sims 2 Full Version of the town. Yeah. Flirt. Well, I can do that. Oh, Hey, she likes me, but why wouldn’t she tell a joke? You can play my pinball. All right. Yeah, it was a real funny one, right? It was great. Now let’s get it on. Oh, great. You can’t do that yet. We could admire you. You need to do something with your life. Oh yeah. Play games. That’s that? That’s what a lazy game reviewer does. Hey no, no, no. Come back. You need to stop playing with your toys, Duke and go play with a woman. Seriously. Get over here. Come on, optimally. Wow. Is that really all we can do? What is The Sims 2 Full Version Download Game this crap? They don’t brag. It probably doesn’t go over so well. Nope, it does not. Let’s just chat then. I don’t remember how to do relationships. I’ll come on. You like me? Let’s do something else then, dude, really? Oh, great. Look at the camera like that.

How about a nice friendly hug? Oh, you didn’t like that either? Well, dang it. I’m by a stereo to make you feel better. There you go. Duke. All you feel great. I have bar. Okay. Just by Duke’s happiness. That sounds about right where the bars how’s. That that’s a nice one. It was kind of like a bar. I don’t how many bar stools, what a The Sims 2 Full Version PC pile of crap. I put that there and I see whatever. All right. Okay. So that’s got them in a slightly better mood, I guess, gain a cooking skill point. Look, you know, you’re sitting at the desk. That’s nice. Okay. That’s the laugh of desperation right there. Somebody is actually talking to me with this nose and these. Cheek teeth. Well, I’m going to tell you another joke. You’re gonna laugh so hard to know anyway. Hey, it’s somebody else, but, um, try our chances.

You know, if she likes me that much, I don’t see why she’s not more, uh, susceptible to my Jones. I got The Sims 2 Download Free charms of steel. There’s gotta be some more, uh, something here. Alright. Tickled, nothing worked with you. See, we just got like go out and I don’t even know. I ain’t got time for this. Let’s get outta here. Let’s go to somewhere. You just call the emergency. Let’s see, you know what let’s call the cops. Burglars can be dangerous. Hey look, all these weird people in my house, what? 500, there was an emergency there’s people not giving in to my flirtation. That The Sims 2 Telecharger Jeux don’t cry. All right, well, let’s get out of here then. Let’s uh, transportation is there we go. Let’s invite somebody to the community lot. We’re going to meet somebody. Yeah. You have look, there’s like three people here and one freak.

The Sims 2 dlc download

Fine. Let’s go alone toward edit and low. Yeah, let’s go. Uh, multiple Sims. Why not? Yeah, let’s go stop cooking food. Now. I don’t know who there’s multiple Sims thing is going to be bringing with me, but, well, I suppose we’ll find The Sims 2 Download out, hopefully it’s not freak face, but well, you never know. Oh, wow. Well, so where are we going to go? We got two 50 main street. This is a pool, a park, a business, and a boutique for the fashion conscious SIM. Oh, let’s go there. I need some fashion. Maybe that’ll get me some more. Look with the ladies after all you do look like kind of a tool in that outfit, Duke. That’s not exactly what I would. Yeah. Anyway, uh, let’s see. It’s nighttime. So that means night time is upon us all, both of them. Okay. Well you can go over here and stand on the flowers. No, not you Duke. Well, you can go to make it again. Go here. Let’s see. We’re going to talk to angel here. I got a captive audience now. Yeah, that’s right. So how about that? My words, they’re a pile of crap movies, music, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Let’s, let’s try on some clothes. Sounds like a good idea. Okay. Well, why not? And, uh, that there we go. Oh, well that was, that was helpful. Okay.

Nevermind then that was completely pointless. Uh, Wow. What a useless little lot. I mean, seriously, I, I, you know, I that’s probably like the only place he can get clothes, but still what a useless little lot fricking The Sims 2 Full Version dumb swing over here because of a swinger. Yay. That was great. Let’s get out of here, dude. You smell like crap again. We’re going to go home. Actually. We’re going to go to another lot because it’s metal like. You smell like butter. So I don’t know. It might attract some bears or something. That’d be great, actually. Yeah. This game could use random bear. Mullings I think that would be fantastic. Smell like crap. Get eaten by a bear. If that ain’t encouragement or good hygiene. I don’t know what is hopefully to 90 main will have a little bit better. I dunno something. Okay. Well, at least this place looks a little more substantial. It may not actually be it’s pretty much all of Assad. I’ll buy something though. Oh yeah. That’s right. You can buy magazines for no fricking reason. Isn’t that great beyond belief? Yes. I don’t believe it either. Uh, let’s see, we have an arcade. Oh yeah. Let’s buy some games. I do miss doing this though. He got like these, they look like PSP games, PC game.

You got the Sims busting out SIM city for rush hour and that’s it. That’s great. I think they added some more games in the later expansions. I forget what I already got. I guess what, let’s try something else. After you’re done eating that hot dog SIM city for rush hour, you play The Sims 2 Full Game PC the expansion pack without the full game. That’s incredible Duke Nukem. I can play the expansion on its own. And in here we have food. Oh yeah. You can go frigging grocery shopping. Why? What a strange kind of mechanic do the game, although it’s interesting. It adds to the realism, but it’s kind of like a, you know, washing clothes in the Sam’s three, I guess is nice, but it’s, you know, I as an option, but here it’s not an option. Like you have to go get food, you’ll run out. Well, that’s a pile of junk. What are you eating this time? That’s a eat. You’re eating.

The Sims 2 Version Complete PC

Eat. Let some good eat. Oh, they look like hot dogs. Yeah. They’re hot dogs. Um, well then this is great. I always go home and see if we can find somebody to do or something to occupy your time with. Yes. Oh, there was what’s her face. For a split second there, uh, yeah. This game really, really came alive with the expansions. Of course there’s still quite a bit to do, but what are you still doing here? Brandy being a slob, maybe you’ll have better luck probably will. I mean, come The Sims 2 Download PC on telling jokes without face that’s bound to get a laugh. Okay. Well, it’s just a legs. Got run over by a taxi and passed out. So I guess the jokes not happening, the jokes on you, buddy, what? Man. Go to sleep or something. Okay. Well literally, yeah, just go to sleep right there. Uh, well, so going to bed, what? Relax. No sleep. Oh, well, yeah, I wasn’t paying attention to the needs. Your Sims still have needs that’s and that’s expected, but just forgot about it. Wake up, go to sleep in your underwear or pajamas. Yes. You gotta have choices. The Sims do gives them to you. What’s he have anything’s working again. Now that I went to a community lot. Nope. Still not working what? The balls. I want some wallpaper. I can’t do it. Screw that best we can do it.

The Sims 2 download free

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