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Farming Simulator 19 with All DLC [FULLY WORKING]

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Farming Simulator 19 download pc

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Farming Simulator 19 download pc

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Farming Simulator 19 download full game

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Farming Simulator 19 full version download

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Farming Simulator 19 free download

Farming Simulator 19 full game download pc

download Farming Simulator 19 free

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Farming Simulator 19 full version pc

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How to download Full Version of Farming Simulator 19?

Uh, lobe and Randy here and with the recent release of farming simulator 19 here, I’ve noticed us some comments from people saying that this game, you know, the graphics are no good. A game play is not good game mechanics. Uh, not very realistic. So I thought we’d take a moment here and now take a look at some of this. So, uh, for starting to show, we’re just going to kind of go through some of the new features here in Farming Simulator 19 Download . Uh, one of the things here is the way you start a safe game. Uh, you can now start as a new farmer, farm manager, or start from scratch. Uh, myself. I think the farm manager here is going to prove to popular way to start again, for those of you have watched any of my videos in the past, this is almost usually how I always start a modern map.

Farming Simulator 19 Review

Uh, not necessarily in game maps, pretty much all the maps back in farming, similar 17 and previous versions, they basically all started you off with the same equipment. And, you know, there was a few months or a few maps, modern maps here and there that started you off with different equipment. But for the most part, they all started off with the usual the same stuff. So I always just went in, sold it, got rid of it and bought whatever equipment I wanted to start with. Ah, so you now have the option to start a new farmer, which will start you with equipment, land and buildings. Our manager here starts you with nothing, but a 1.2, $5 million. And I imagine maybe that’s going to change depending on what map you’re playing on. Farming Simulator 19 Download PC Maybe mod, you know, might be more or less. I’m not sure how that’s going to be effected. Uh, don’t start with any buildings that feature. I’m not sure I’m necessarily sold on yet. Here. We’ll touch on that here in a few minutes. And then also, if you really want to start hard, you’ve got to start from scratch, which is basically the same as far manager. Just you start with less money. I don’t know that there’s really any more, uh, options. Other than that, uh, the economy is tougher. The prices are lower. Gameplay elements are on the most realistic settings, farm manager. I think they pretty much are as well. Okay. And once we’re in the game here, I’ve seen more than a few comments now from a various people saying the graphics in this game in farming simulator 19 are horrible.

Farming Simulator 19 download pc

Now I don’t know what game those people are playing with because it clearly is not farming similar 19, uh, farming similar 19 by far, not even a challenge has the best graphics for farming simulators series so far. Uh, just from the old ground text. Well, maybe not necessarily that’s the ground textures, but the, uh, the Mount of vegetation they’ve put into the ground now, they don’t necessarily even see the ground textures quite so much. You know, the trees, the, especially the lights, they have definitely done a lot of work with white here in farming simulator. Uh, 19. I know some people have said it’s too bright. I mean, you can turn that down in the options that if you want, I guess, but, uh, Just ask really, really good graphics. Farming Simulator 19 Download Full Game

Farming Simulator 19 download

You notice how the vegetational bend over as you walk through it, grass as well, or whatever these wheat things are, uh, trees again, look really good. You can see the light filtering through them a more realistic clouds in the sky, although it is blurry. I don’t, and I never quite understood why that was, but if you speed up time here, which we can do to cement it, notice the clouds go through. That’s pretty cool. Our field textures here, look like they are the same as 17. There may be a little bit better, uh, crop textures as well about the same as 17. Again. Farming Simulator 19 Download Full Version Cool feature though, of course, is as you walk through them, they bend over out of your way. Uh, same with equipment, of course, as well. Again, graphics here in this game. Now keep in mind. I am playing on a very high here. Uh, so this is basically maxed out, Greg. Well, almost maxed out. You can actually. Make the very high settings and your crank them up more as far as like density and all that good stuff. Amount of vegetation, you know, I’ve seen a few comments where people say there’s so much space between the crops while yet there is space, but you can barely see the ground. So I don’t know what people are complaining about there. And just a quick demonstration here on what very low or actually low. There is no very low in the game, but what low graphic settings look like here? Uh, you know, again, this game still looks by far better than 17.

Farming Simulator 19 dlc download

Farming Simulator 19 Full Version Download for PC

Does. Again, I don’t know what game the individual is playing with that is claiming that the graphics here in this game are not good. Uh, but those individuals are just flat out, plain wrong. The graphics here in this game are awesome. You are, if you are having graphic issues, you probably should update your grades car drivers. Farming Simulator 19 Free Download That’d be a good place to start. I mean, again, on low, you can see the, uh, the field texture isn’t as high. Uh, the density on, you know, like the vegetation definitely ended as high. I know, but the crops crops in it look like about space the same. I can’t really tell the difference here. You know, lighting definitely is not as Purdy. That is for sure, but still looks like an absolutely beautiful end game here with a farming simulator 19. And now that we’re back on high graphics, a very high graphic settings here, which again, definitely looks off a little bit better in the game.

Farming Simulator 19 platinum edition download

How to download Farming Simulator 19 for PC – Let’s talk about some of the new game mechanics here. Again, I’ve heard a lot of people complaining again, or I’m getting most of this information from, by the way is various Facebook groups. Oh, for those you want and where I’m seeing these comments. I’ve also seen a few on my YouTube videos as well, but the majority have been from Facebook comments from individuals, you know, like say graphics and, you know, game plays unrealistic and all that good stuff. So let’s let let’s cover new the new game play here. So first off field hasn’t really changed a whole lot for what you can plant. You can now plant oats. Uh, oats is a new crop here, as well as cotton, uh, oats, just harvest with a regular harvester like this cotton. Of course you need the cotton harvesters. The only one in the game, not particularly a big surprise, their new crop, they only added one harvester so far. I’m sure model take care of that here at some point for additional harvesters for cotton, a couple of the big things that have changed with fields though. Uh, one you now have, so you have to spray for weeds. And then kind of a little bit, uh, it’s called a realism setting. You can’t spray for the weeds once your crops have ripened. So once a field is ready to harvest, there’s no spraying the weeds, you have wheeled weeds, and that is it. And let’s see what’s here. Yes. I got a very weedy look in a field here, so you can see what the weeds look like.

These are fully grown, mature weeds that need to go. Farming Simulator 19 Telecharger Jeux Also notice they kind of fold over when you’re walking through them. So again, pretty cool. Another new a field mechanic here is line. So after every, I believe it’s third harvest. You are going to have to line your feel. And those are non-pharma types, not familiar. Lime, uh, lime changes the pH of the soil. I dunno, and farmers necessarily do it, but every so often as needed in real life is applied to a field. So you now have to do that in farming simulator 19, and you can all do that. Through the menu here, looking at what the field needs. So you can see I’ve got a field here, a 24, 25 and 26 that we’ll need lime. And we can not just demonstrate that here real quick. I have a spreader set up here. The line can be applied with a fertilizer spreader like this Brattle here. I just put lime in it. And as a 12 meter spread here with this current setup, by the way. So not very wide. But applies the white powder on the ground or white Asian powder. Basically two of the big new fuel mechanics here is line and weeds. Another thing they have changed with a fertilizer used to be you had the option back in farming, similar 17 of one level of fertilizer or three levels of fertilizer. They have now taken that option away.

Farming Simulator 19 Télécharger PC Gratuit

And you have to put two levels of fertilizer on a field. Uh, just my opinion here, but I think that is a much better mechanic than a, the one or the three. Uh, basically with the one you can almost always use a planter that applied fertilizer. So you never had to put fertilizer field and or if you went to three, it seemed like you were constantly fertilizing your field. I mean, it’s like, Oh man, fertilizing again and again and again. Oh. And, uh, yeah, I need fertilize at one more time. Yet the Alexa with the three levels of fertilizer seemed like it was a bit much.

But I definitely am liking what they have done again, in my opinion, I think they have really improved the field mechanics here in farming simulator. I, when it comes to growing crops, uh, so Alexa they’ve changed the fertilizer down to two levels. Uh, they have added lime again, that’s every third growth stage. Uh, they have also changed plowing. I used to be at a plow after every third harvest. Now you only have to plow after certain crop types. Oh, barley wheat canola, soybeans, oats. You shouldn’t have to plow after those I crop types. I’m not sure if maybe at some point you do just from my plain experience here so far, it doesn’t seem like you have to, uh, crops like corn sunflowers, um, potatoes, sugar, beets, and sugar cane. You’ll have to plow after every time. Which again, I think that’s, in my opinion, a little more realistic again, at least with corn. Uh, where I live, a lot of corn is grown. Epically, always do some sort of tillage with corn. Cause again, corn just leaves so much residue behind, pretty hard to on no tail in corn ground, you know, without doing something with the residue. Ah, so plowing has changed. Uh, let’s see what else? Uh, weeds. So again, weeds, you’ll pretty much from what I noticed so far, you have to wait for the weeds to appear in your field and you can spray them. There are also weeders you can use as well.

I personally have not used the wieners yet. Uh, but you have basically two options of dealing with the weeds. You can either spray them. Oh, where are we looking at in the shop? Your sprayers? Well, let’s, let’s find the weeders here first. So there’s the weeders. I can either use the weeders or you can spray them. So crop protection here, you got the sprayers. There’s a couple of self-propelled Mullins as well. If you want to go that route, they got two self-propelled ones as well. Again, from spraying out, the sprayers can do fertilizer and herbicide by the way. So herbicide is for the weeds in the game here. And let’s talk about animals here real quick. First off, we got a dog with a dog house. I’m not really sure what the point of it is other than it’s kind of cool. I now have chicken coops. So chickens have definitely changed. Used to be a seven. He knows like really silly how they did it. If he asked me, he just went and picked up the eggs every now and then that was really all you did on the chickens. Now you can actually feed the chickens a little bit. Oh, they take what wheat or barley, I guess still have to pick up the eggs yet. Uh, he now have pastures. That’s probably something I should really notice. Write a note right away here. I now have placeable animals as well. Placeable animal enclosures, I guess I should say that has to be the animals themselves replaceable, but, uh, you know, cow pasture, large cow pasture, large cow pasture. Farming Simulator 19 Version Complete

Farming Simulator 19 dlc download

Farming Simulator 19 Download Full Game PC + DLC

For example, here it can hold 200 cows. Now, when you go to place these down. Uh, yeah, good luck placing them. This is kind of what I was talking about earlier here. Uh, the place system in 19 here, let’s just say it costs a lot of money to, uh, flatten out some ground around, uh, if, if the grounders already not flattened, by the way, even a relatively flat ground, it seems like it still costs a bloody fortune to, uh, put down placeable. Uh, which, you know, at least when it comes to the animal pastures here, it’s like, really, you got to have flat ground for this. That doesn’t make any sense at all. You know, I get it till it’s. If we go back here, like, uh, I don’t know, maybe night, night might not be any good options there, but I like the house.

Okay. You probably want to have flat grant ground for the house. No, that makes sense. The shed. Okay. You’re probably wondering be flat there as well. It really animal pens. You need to have the ground flat. That is make any sense anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Horses now horses is one of the newer animals here in farming seven 19, and actually the only new animal in 19, I still got pigs yet. And then sheep, none of those are really changed in the way they’re handled. Just a, you know, have placeable. Closures forum, the, a large pagan here. For example, it can hold 300 large sheep is two 50 large horses. Oh, you can hold 16 horses. Farming Simulator 19 Full Version The small one here is eight. Uh, so with horses, by the way, you basically ride your horses around, uh, that, and they will improve over time. And then I guess you can sell them for profit. Uh, I’ve only done it a little bit so far, so I’m not sure, you know, what kind of margins you’re looking out there, but basically ride your horse around. It will improve and you can sell it for profit.

That’s the idea behind horses and next door let’s talk a forestry or so I’m not really going to demonstrate it by doing any again, if you want to see some forestry videos, I do have a couple on my channel. They’re on the YouTube. And I’ve also done some live streams as well. If you want to see some forestry, uh, it’s basically as glitchy as it was, it seems like in farming similar 17, uh, they haven’t really improved the forestry glitchiness at all from what I can tell. Uh, and in fact, if anything, they’ve maybe made it a little bit worse. We’ll have to see once with a future updates. If maybe they can improve that. Uh, but the chain saw mechanics, uh, bout the same. You pretty much cut the tree down at the base. There tried to cut it off level and it should fall over, uh, every now and then though, you’ll have a tree that doesn’t same thing that happened in 17 as well. Uh, picking up the trees are, is as equally as hard as it was in, uh, 17. Again, if you watch my videos on the forestry, they need to make it.

Farming Simulator 19 Full Game – So the log forks can go underneath the ground and pick up the logs. That is the way you would do it in real life. Why they don’t do it in this game? I don’t understand the only way you can pick up, you know, single logs is based to tilt your forks all the way down and kind of like pinch and grab them, which I think leads to a lot of the problems you see in the game here. Cause they’re not meant to be picked up that way. You need to get them onto the forks and Nope, properly grab them, but you just cannot do. So, again, it’s just another carry over from 17. They haven’t really Nestle made it worse or they haven’t really improved it either. Unfortunately, uh, there is a plethora of new forestry equip though. Uh, namely the Komatsu equipment that is in the game here. Now you got the Komatsu. Uh, loader I believe. And then where is it? Tears? Yes, the processor as well on those, of course, the scorpion King here as well. And the Buffalo will, the Ponzi equipment is still here. And then you got more forestry equipment here under this. I mean, you as well. Excellent. Let’s look at the shop here. I think this is something everyone is going to like with the shop here. The shop layout has definitely changed. I, you know, kind of have two categories, two main categories here. You’ve got your vehicles and then you’ve got your equipment. So under vehicles here, they have definitely split up the equipment even more yet. You know how small tractors, medium tractors, large tractors. I know in the past or the tractor category, especially once you started adding mods. Would really get to be quite large, at least on the peace side thing with mods.

Anyway, I got harvesters forage, harvesters, uh, you know, forestry machines, mowers, telehandlers, miscellaneous, uh, lots of new equipment here in farming simulator 19. Uh, one of the things that, uh, is really nice about the shops now. Oh, let’s just, uh, let’s just pick a good tractor here. Uh, yeah. Yes. And Nate are, will be probably considered a good tractor. Black one actually, well, the green one or the green AR here previously back in farm and seamer 17 and older versions of farming simulator, it pretty much would buy something. And hopefully you got what you thought it would be now in the shop. You can actually preview what you are buying before you buy it. So let’s say you make some changes here. Wheel’s probably gonna be the most obvious it could put some twin wheels on it and you can see what it is going to look like. Really nice feature. Maybe not so much of attractors. Cause you know, you put rear twins and you expect to get rear twins on. It might not necessarily be the case. If you can maybe find a pickup truck here. A lot of times the pickup trucks back in farming, simulator 17, you had different design colors and design options. You really weren’t sure what it looked like, you know?

So you kind of try it and it’s like, Ooh, Nope, didn’t like that. So now you can actually pick the color and see one’s own this design color changes the rims. And I didn’t know that. And like I said, you wouldn’t necessarily know that until you actually purchased it. And then that of course changes the rest of the truck here as well. So it’s really nice that you can now see what the truck is going to look like or any piece of it. Okay. Let’s, I’ll wrap up this video by talking about multiplayer here in farming simulator, 19 farming or multiplayer and farming seven 19 here has really received a large revamp, uh, several new features here in multiplayer. FS 19 Download One synchronization is still there yet, so that’s not necessarily new.

They have made it to me to be a little bit quicker. So again, it’s still there. They haven’t fixed that. Unfortunately. But some of the biggest changes are they now have added farms and you’re probably thinking what are farms the farms, basically with farming some 19, in order to play on a multiplayer server, you either have to create a farm or joining already existing farm. Also with farms, a person that is part of that farm can be promoted to farm manager, meaning they can manage who joins the assets and everything that is part of that farm. Uh, with farms, farms can own land and equipment. And then the farm, whenever it sells crops that are part of that farm, the farm, the money. And now the reason I’m saying terms here is because a farms can either be one person will be part of a farm, or you can have multiple people, part of a farm.

Farming Simulator 19 dlc download

FS 19 Full Game Again, pretty much all depends on how you want to play. Uh, you know, if you just want your own own individual farm, so you have all your own equipment and fields. You can do that. Or if you want to go farm with a couple of friends, that is all right, one farm, you can do that as well. So again, you can have multiple people in a farm. I’m not really sure. You know, the max number of people you can have at a farm at least dot currently you can have up to eight farms per multiplayer and eight farms. You may think that maybe doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re playing on a regular map, like Raven port here, this is Raven port map. That is actually quite a few farms because there’s really not enough fields in my opinion. And I’m sure probably most people probably agree with this. Once, if you try it, uh, eight farms is like too much for the size of the map. You’re probably gonna want at least a four hex map if you’re gonna max out eight farms. But, uh, yes, I think everyone will really enjoy that because again, that has been approved and to be a really popular way of playing multiplayer. So, again, you’re playing multiplayer, but you’re playing multiplayer in the sense, whenever you’re doing it is your arm on the server. It’s not just, you know, everyone plays together. It’s all, you know, one farm everyone’s playing on the same farm. You can still do it that way if you want. But yeah, you can also play separate a chorus with that. They have changed up the way storage is handled now and got storage place the bowls. So. At least on the multiplayer. When you start a server, you don’t start actually with any places, it actually starts you from the, like the farm manager type.

Farming Simulator 19 Version Complete PC + full DLC

That’s how multiplayer is started. FS 19 Full Version And of course, at least on the administrative side of things as well, for those admins, they have changed up some of the way that is handled there in farming scene as well. I’m sure the admins are going to be a little more busy here, the way it’s now done. Not saying that’s a bad thing. Just seeing that’s what’s changed. And I think multiplayer is definitely changed. For the better, and I think everyone’s really going to enjoy those features. Okay. So I think we’re going to wrap it up here. Uh, you folks have any additional comments, suggestions, things to add to this video? Uh, throw them down in the comments, then I’ll try to pin them if there’s anything really good. Uh, just a couple of things, you know, if you’re wondering about hired workers are hired workers better marginally better. They’re not great yet, but they are marginally better. So, yeah, you folks, uh, like I said, leave some comments below what your thoughts are on the game here so far. Uh, if you ask me farming simulator 19 is definitely worth it. Definitely worth getting, uh, just keep in mind. You’ll make sure your computer can handle it. You know, I do wonder if maybe some of the individuals that are complaining the graphics in this game are horrible. Maybe you’re not meeting the minimum requirements for the game here. I believe the minimum requirements was a six 60 Nvidia GTX, six 60. I think it was the minimum. They are suggested and recommended or this a game. Hello again, everyone. Thanks for watching the hand till next time. How to download FS 19 for PC

Farming Simulator 19 download free

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