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Hi guys, here and welcome to my introduction of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version . So your old truck simulated to a, if you’ve not heard of this game, then I suggest you go and check it out. After you’ve watched this video, it is. Very enjoyable and quite addictive. It doesn’t appear to be, you think what the hell this is about trucks? How can this possibly be enjoyable? But it is, and what’s better. He goes to the website, there’s a link in the description. You can download it and you can try it out completely for free. It’s now on steam. It’s that was the release last week on steam. It’s the number one selling game on steam. Now it’s actually, I think currently running at a discount, but you’ll have to be quick because I think the offer ends really soon. Okay. So what do you do? Well, essentially, you get to buy trucks, you customize them, however you want. Uh, you unlock various things. As you level up your character, you can open multiple garages all across Europe. You can hire people to work for you and you build yourself up a trucking empire. The graphics in this game are superb.

How to download Full Version of Euro Truck Simulator 2?

It’s a completely open game. There are so many mods that you can get for it. On this particular demo here, I’m running realistic physics mode. So I get lots of truck bouncing tipping, and here you see it in the winter pack. This is a mod Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download that you can get for it. You just drop it in. It’s all free and you can have an Epic time. The whole point of the game is that you get better and better at truck driving. You deliver everything from explosives to chemicals, to milk tomatoes, you name it, you get to deliver it. All the truck manufacturers are in the DAF. Iveco. A Scania. Renno you name it? They’re all in the, and the dealers are spread out over Europe. You get to pick up jobs across Europe, make deliveries level up. You can borrow money from the bank. You can open multiple garages and just generally Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version have an epically fun time. It’s not an online game. It’s purely an offline game, but the customization and the fun you can have in this game. Trust me if you’re any kind of a petrol head. Then you must check this game out. It is tremendous fun. I shall now teach you about this game and how to play it. Uh, give you a brief overview. And if you do like what you see and you want him to see more from me, I can make sure of your videos and even adventure videos. I am streaming on Twitch. So go over there and watch me play it. Okay. So you’ve seen Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version Download some of what your truck offers. Uh, you’ve seen me drive around. You’ve seen the weather, you’ve seen the beautiful scenery. Now to say about the game itself, this is my truck, by the way. And this is my character up here, level 10 currently, and you can have multiple profiles. Each profile is a difference, a character with different garages, completely different game setup. If you like. So if you’ve got friends or family at home, he wants to share and play this game with you, you can each have a different profile totally independently. Now then the way this game works is this. You aren’t, you start off with next to no money. And you’ve got to build a trucking empire. If you like. And what you do is you start by taking some simple jobs from the job market, which is down here and you would take a quick job. You don’t even need your own trucks to take a quick job. You can just pick from these turn up for work. They’ll give you Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Game PC the truck, you drive it wherever it wants to go. You’d take it from here to here and you get paid this amount of money now, that’s it.

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They are not as lucrative Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Game PC as when you take, when you go onto the freight market. Now the freight market, you’re expected to turn up with your own truck and you can increase the amount of money you’re going to get paid by leveling up certain skills of you or your workers. Now you see some of these symbols down here. This is a heavy or oversized cargo. In order for this to even show, I need to have got some points, some skills in heavy and oversaw cargo. And the more points I put into that and the more of a bonus I will get, well, we’ll take when I deliver it. Likewise, this is an ADR class. This is dynamite. This is it. Explosives. And I have to have put a point in explosives in order to be the license to take this stuff. But anyway, you get the idea. Let’s just have a quick look at my character. I’ve luckily skills and here you can see. Eco drive and I’m not bothered with, but that saves you money on fuel just in time delivery is for when you want to get something quickly, you need support ETS 2 Download PC a points in each of these here for its own lock that category in the freight market. So this is just in time delivery. This is going to allow me to take things that need to get there quickly and more points to put in it. The more of a reward I will get similarly for Joel cargo. Heavy cargo and driving long distance. This is an important one to scale up early on because these longer drill longer drives will actually make you a lot of money. These are different categories of ADR. They are things like explosives, gases, flammable, liquid solids, you name it. Corrosives all the rest of it. This is what you spend your points in every skill level, you will get the points and you can put it in here. You like now then truck dealer, those are where you would buy a truck. There are a different categories of trucks, DAF Iveco man, Mercedes-Benz rhinos, Scania, and Volvo, and they are somewhere on this map and you have to discover where they are. For instance, these are the ones I’ve discovered. There’s a scanner dealer and a Mercedes-Benz and a man dealer down there. There’s also a man dealer up in Birmingham in the UK, but you get the idea. You’ve got ETS 2 for PC Download to go around and find out where they are. Um, but you can just visit a selected dealer from the screen. Once you’ve discovered it, you don’t need to travel lots of visits there. Let’s just quickly go and have a look at the Scania dealer. For example, do you wants to go and visit this County daily? Yes, we are instantly taken to this County dealer and you will see some very nice trucks. Most of which I, I am not the required level to purchase nor do I have the money. This is the most basic truck. This is what my truck is. As you can see three 60 brake horsepower costs, 109,000 euros. You can either, you can either save up for this initial by taking lots of jobs or after Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Game on PC a couple of levels, the bank is going to offer.

ets 2 download pc

You have to get a loan, you get about a hundred Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Complete thousand loan and you can buy one of your own. That’s what I did. Um, when you come to purchase later on, you can trade them in or just buy new on outright. I’ve managed to save up and buy another two trucks. I bought two man trucks for my other drivers when you hire drivers. And I’ll talk about that later. Uh, you will be able to, uh, give them a truck, give them a space in your garage and then send them a wage and they go make money for you. Now let’s truck here. Uh, this is something that I could purchase as well. Um, but if we move around the garage, you’ll see, it starts to get into the realms of expensive and something that I cannot get. Yeah, this is a scanning. Again, this is a one 26 case scanner, um, for that one, but this one, this is a 730 brake horsepower engine. And I can only get that at level 25 for a snip of 212,000 euros. What a very nice truck that is one day, I’ll be able to get that. Well, I’m only level 10 at the moment. Best again, in the level 20, you can see a, it’s got twin at twin where axles built to take some big stuff. 620 break with a 12 speed gearbox. Keep an eye on these field tanks. They can a big fuel tank. I mean, fewer stops, uh, on the line. Good distance journeys. It’s up to you, which truck Download ETS 2 Full Version you go for once. Walk them. Uh, and also the different deals. The configurations are difference. And also there’s an element of what you like the make you like, maybe you maybe you’re, uh, you’re French. Are you German? You have a particular preference for, to rental or man, or maybe just like the style of certain shrugs. It’s all down to personal preference at the end of the day. But when you do buy one click custom and for example, well, you can choose from different paint jobs and later on, if you take it over to the repair center, You get a, I don’t know why you don’t get it, but in the repair center, you don’t just get a pallet of colors to choose from. You get an infinite array. You can pick any color you like from a slider, you can tweak the interior of it. You can pick the engine as you can see, I could, because I’ve unlocked it. Now I could just straight up put a four 20 break horsepower engine in it and it gets added to the price. And again, you can put these trims along the top. The trims are going to let you, uh, Put different accessories on them, depending on which one you pick, uh, it’s completely customizable, spin around your truck, change the wheels. Don’t like those wheels pick something else. The more, the higher level you get, the more you unlock, the more customizable this all becomes, go to town. This is where Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version Download Game it’s at boys. No, I don’t want to buy one of those things. Cute. Let’s get out of the forest, spend too much money. Okay. The bank is going to show you what, which money you can say. It’s like a hundred thousand loan here. And then it’s like a 400,000 later. This allowed me to expand, to get a couple of trips and hire a couple of people.

ets2 download

Uh, but you can see the interest rates vary and the installments have to be paid, but I could repay this now for one to two, but I’m just going Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version PC to let it run. I’m quite happy if I want to know how much money I’m making, I need to go to my. A garage manager and you can see, I own one garage. I have three garage slots. I’m a profit in the last seven days or 149, which is about 21,000 at which I’m spending about eight or nine on bank loans. Uh, I’m not doing too badly, but that’s going to improve as my workers get better and better skilled up and start to earn me more money. Speaking of Wix, let’s have a look at my drivers. This is me. As you can see, I’m getting 17,000 a day profit and where’s, my work is only getting sort of 1700 and 2000. Um, the, the, the computer tends to pick the jobs for them. So I’ve given them a truck. I give them their space in the garage. She can see a couple Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Free of manned trucks there, uh, but I get to choose how they skill up. So when they scale up, I tell it the computer, it will start off balanced, but I would suggest you put it on long distance. Initially get some points into here and then start going for the, you know, the front geologist in times. And maybe some of the, uh, ADR stuff you can of course get rid of them any time and go to the recruitment agency. And hire a different person. This is Jeff, Jeff, the Trump, as we call him, he’s infamous in my streams. And this is the scene of the tart Sheetz, who is quite infamous in my streams. If you’ve been watching me on Twitch, then you’ll, you’ll have seen these guys as I recruited them. And as I’ve been leveling up.

ets 2 dlc download

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version Download for PC

Anyway, over to the recruitment agency and in the recruitment agency, you have to discover the recruitment dealers, the more driving around, the more cities you visit makes you drive past those questions marks. When you go to a, a city, the more Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download that you choose, uh, sort of the more that you discover when you come to hire a driver, the biggest choice you will get a it Sam at the moment, we don’t have any slots for a new driver. That’s fair enough. You can see I’ve got three pages of people. All with different skills, uh, or with different price points. And, you know, if I wanted somebody who’s quite skilled at just in time deliveries, I could just hire John, uh, send him over to the garage. Uh, I have to have a free slot available, send a truck guy and that’s it. He’ll just start work. I think on the computer, it keeps you updated as they take work, tells you what kind of money they’re earning for you. So that’s how you hire workers. Um, you don’t need to worry about the job market. The computer will find them jobs for you. But like I say, it’s probably best if you start somewhere Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version central in the map, because then they’ll have a wider choice of places to go. One you’re driving around. You’re going to listen to some music. You click on the radio and you can choose either from your music library or you can stream internet radio, uh, straight over the internet. She’s is quite nice. Just choose one of these channels, whatever your fancy, a bit of eighties music. I, I find sense to be a nice drive. Okay. Over here. Well, this is my truck. Obviously we have lots of truck dealers. Uh, upgrades. It lets you know, when new upgrades available, as you can see, I can now get a sunrise paint job for 22,000 euros. I don’t think I’d be bothering Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version Download with that. Um, but yeah, there’s a lot to become available. You’ll see them appear here to visit the, uh, repair center to get those upgrades put in place.

euro truck simulator 2 dlc download

But it just notifies you when they’re available, which happens when you level up. Let’s not worry about the cabin adjustments for now. Diagnostics is an important one. This is where you’re going to see damage reports. If you bump into Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Game PC things, be it scenery or other vehicles. Um, other vehicles will, will normally give you a fine because you’ve damaged their vehicle. Uh, but most certainly you’ll receive damage to your truck, which is ultimately going to cost you money. As you can see here. Now, if you’re a careful driver. You will still suffer we’re in or it’s your, um, your truck? This just simulates Gemma weren’t. So when you’re on the road, racking up the miles. So as you can see, I’ve been quite careful. You generally get about 1% per you know, long trip of a few hundred miles. It’ll just take over nothing you can do about it. You just need to take it to the repair center at the moment. I’ve got almost a thousand euros in repair bills. Okay. So that’s an overview of the game. Severe. I’m going to switch profile now and show you. The simple way of driving a truck or the mechanics of driving a truck, how to take a job, how, how to get from a to B and how to reverse and reversing is Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Game PC something you can optionally choose to do. But it’s something I recommend that you do do because that’s what it’s all about driving a truck. So we pick up the job market.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Télécharger PC Gratuit

We choose our hometown as our ETS 2 Download PC source points. And that will show us all of the jobs, the current jobs running out of Dortmund. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of a choice there. Most of the short trips, we can’t go very far at the moment. But let’s just take one of the, one of the short ones like this, for example, she’s going to take some or driving. What’s that an Iveco active note. VECO strongness. We could take a Mercedes Benz or Volvo. That sounds nice. Yeah, let’s take, let’s take this big Volvo. That sounds like fun. That’s going to net us three and a half thousand euros. Again. There’s no special. A freight to be taken because we don’t have any skills in anything. So we’ll click on take job. That’s going to put us into our truck and here we are on our truck. This is a Volvo. It’s not ours. This is somebody ETS 2 for PC Download else’s, it’s not about interior. So she’ll look around, I’m using the mouse to look around, or you can use any, any number of keys that you’ve mapped. Uh, the numeric keys by default will make you look left and right and forward. Uh, if you look far left, then you get, yeah. It’s out of the window view. Yup. Because I started in Europe, I’m in a left hand drive. If I’d have started in the UK, I would be in a right and drive by defaults. Remember this isn’t my truck. This is just one that I chose. When you come to buy a truck, you can choose whether you want left or right. I would recommend you go left on drive because the vast majority of your driving is going to be in Europe, which is where they drive on the right. Now then let’s press that five a few times and you can see that we’ve got to take this thing to Dortmund. So that’s generally speaking. The best Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Game on PC few were already hooked up. We don’t have to worry about that. What we need to do, we need to press E.

That’s going to start the engine. It’s not a battle of the truck actually, quite like this one. Okay. So we’re going to press the accelerate forward. It’s going to pick up some speed. Remember this thing is wide and long. It’s not like driving a car. It’ll take some getting used to also remember when you come to a junction, you need to give way, so it needs to look. I mean, it’s indicate. Don’t need to indicate, but it’s want to play the game properly. I recommend you do. I’m going to plow with my guy. Now, bear in mind. You need Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Complete to steer wide all the time because that truck, you can see it in the left hand mirror. It is long. And if you cut the corner in this thing, that was nice timing. If you cut the corner in this thing, the truck is going to cut the corner and your damage it, which is going to damage your guts, which will reduce the amount you get paid. I’m going to go down to some, uh, my favorites, some eighties hot mix again, if you don’t like any of the stuff here, just pick music player and, uh, anything you put into use Euro truck simulator, two music folder at your see here. I put that on and it will start to stream music from the internet. It’s very important to get the steering steering sensitivity rights when you’re playing this game.

ets 2 free dlc download

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Full Game PC

What I’d suggest you do is when you’re starting out, as soon as you get your first job, hit the save button and save you, save your progress at that point. Because when you take this truck out, you will damage it. Promise me you’ll wreck it probably record the cars. It’ll cost you a fortune and your whole thing will crush and burn. It is going Download ETS 2 Full Version to take time for you to learn how to drive a truck. It is going to say. Wait time for you to play with the settings and make sure you’ve got what you want. He says, driving into somebody else, not really paying attention. Um, these things are big. These things are heavy. As you can see, it takes a while to stop. It takes a while to get going. And when you turn a corner, you’ve got to take it very wide. The AI in this game is not the best. These cars do some strange things. They stopped for no reason sometimes. And particularly when traffic’s merging and I take this lane wide because my trailers on the back, you can see it straighten up. Now when 22 lanes of traffic emerging, the, the AI just gives up and one of the lanes would just stop. And so the other one’s completely clear these things. You’re just going to have to learn as you play the game. Uh, but as I say best to save the game, When you’ve done all this setup and then tweak your configuration to suits, get used to driving a truck reloaded by okay. And have a good life. This game is very addictive. You wouldn’t think it is, even if you’ve never tried truck driving before, which you probably haven’t, uh, you may not think you’ll enjoy it, but most of the time I can promise you, you will. I don’t know why it’s just so much fun, but it certainly is now looking at, so I’m, I’ll make this turn here.

I’m going to have to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version Download Game go pass the junction. Take it wide. Look at my trailer on the inside there, as you can see, I made a good son that I didn’t cut the corner. If I cut the corner off, I took it as a Zephyr was driving a car, my trailer, would’ve gone straight over the grass now, grasses and such a problem. But you imagine if that had barriers there or the cars, it would be a real problem. So you need to practice your skills before you, uh, before you end up having an accident of some kind. The thing to note is it’s daytime at the moment, uh, bright sunshine. Has weather simulation in it. It does have rain. It does have nice as Dawn and dusk cycles. And it’s, it creates some beautiful scenery as you drive it along. Yeah. The one thing it doesn’t have is snow, but this game is quite expandable. You can get modifications for it, and there are a few motivators. It will, it will give you lovely winter weather. And, uh, I’ll bring some future videos where I’ll show you some of the, some playing with. I’ve got a few months, uh, in action at the moment. One of them is a realistic physics model and that’s me. Can my cabin bounce around and lurch a lot more than normal. Your cabin won’t do that. But in future videos, I’ll show you some of the mods that I’ve been playing with and I recommend, uh, but some of the weather modes are fantastic. You can also get some mods that will change Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version PC the trailers on the back of the vehicle. So the more realistic and that the logos are real companies, um, that kind of thing, which obviously they, the makers couldn’t put in for licensing reasons. Um, but you can get monster, do it indicating is optional. There is no benefits in doing so there is no penalty for not doing it, but I like to do it anyway, because then I can feel like a real truck driver, however lights, uh, you will get penalized if you don’t use your lights at night. Uh, likewise you’ll get penalized for going through red lights. Uh, you’ll get parking, uh, speeding tickets and you’ll get crushed, um, fees as well. If you hit all the other vehicles. So bear this in mind. There are no police in the game. It’s not another shooters game and there isn’t any crash damage visualization. So if you smash into the back of other vehicles, uh, you might think you could cause massive Carnation, huge burning ranks, but none of that’s actually in the game, all that actually happens is you cause damage to your truck, which could ultimately Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Free stop it from working.

ets dlc download

And they’d just cause you a massive bill as you repair it. So in that respect, it’s not quite as fun as perhaps some people would like. Uh, who likes to Jack knife trucks and watch the carnage in Shu. There are no pedestrians people, if you like will see are the ones inside the vehicles. Now we’re not far a destination. Now we’re only 15 minutes away, which in reality is only a couple of minutes and you can actually see it on the map. So I’m going to do is I’m going to press that five a few times and get that zoomed in view. I find this view a little bit easier as we get into these narrow roads. It helps me to see which, which road I’m turning down. Rather Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download than the, uh, the more zoomed out view we’re on track for getting paid 1,900 euros. I’m getting off in this lane, 80 kilometers. You probably want to bring that back now. It’s more like sixties. You go around this bend. Maybe, maybe even less. There are no speeding fines, but you could, and I have done this. You can sit your truck over a cost point, but a damage we need to stick in this Ryan Lane because you’re going to turn right here. Allow plenty of time to brake. When you’ve got a trailer on the back full of goods. The truck does get very heavy. And here we go. This is going to be interesting. Turn. I’ve got to go wide, but I’ve got to not hit. Those are the vehicles in saved by the truck that lights this point. We could have a look at the different views. This is the simple outside view. There’s also an overhead view. On the roof Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version down the left hand side, front Boston of the wheel rear view. And then in inside the cabin, there’s also a pedestrian view, which you can use.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Complete PC

Uh, she’s like somebody standing on the sidelines that can be quite nice. I look at it. This I’m going to go wide to get my truck gonna miss the car and not cut the bend. It was quite well executed. Remember if a UK driver Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Version Download would drive on the rights in Europe and vice versa when you go over to the UK, but generally speaking, you can just follow some of the other vehicles. Now, this is the most interesting aspects of the game. Now this is parking, as I say, you can skip this. Tiny. If you find it too difficult, that guy just flashed me. Let’s see. So thank you. He’s complete AI. I almost cooked them up there. You see that it doesn’t make any difference if he thanked them or not, but if he’d been following the stream, You’ll know that as these guys Euro Truck Simulator 2 Telecharger Jeux flashed me, you give them a thank you. Although I don’t think he actually, he actually let me know. No, here we go. This is the important thing I’ve got to put my trailer in the I’ve got to reverse it in. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to drive over here. As you can see, if you don’t want to get the bonus delivery, you can just press enter and you won’t have to do any parking whatsoever. Bus, the personal player, XB bonus. You get for this. He’s well worth it. So how do we actually put a trailer in? Well, First thing, you’re gonna need to put it in reverse, but this is counter intuitive as we go backwards. If I start to stare to the right, my truck goes to the left. It’s all in reverse. One thing I find helps though, is to look over this left angle. I’m going to stare. Right as our reverse and that’s going to cause my trailer let’s go left and I’m going to straighten up a little ETS 2 Download Free bit because I don’t want to jet off my own truck left, keeping that left lock on. I need to straighten up a bit now. So we’ll know a bit more, less luck. Just take your time. You can always stop. It’s all about practice outside sound to get used to this. The light goes green. We pressed T to detach the trailer. And we get paid good work. It says I lost some money and some experience points because that little collision I had coming up a slip road, uh, with my steering sensitivity was wrong, but you can see the bonus of parking. The trailer is 45 XP now. At this level 45 XP really starts to add up and it’s worth doing, but it’s also good, fun and good practice to get used to driving a trailer.

I would thoroughly recommend it. Anyway, we got paid. It would normally say excellence there, but it said good work now because we level up, we get to put a skill points or something. At first I would recommend a long distance points. This has gone to unlock deliveries up to 350 kilometers. And it’s going to pay a bonus on experience and the money on anything over two 50 case. And now we can take longer jobs and get a bonus on top. Okay. We’re in leash. So we’re going to look for jobs from leash and where should we go? We don’t add back. So the same time we came from, we wanted to discover more places. So I think, okay. We’ll go to Dusseldorf with some tomatoes. Let’s take that. So now we’re in a completely different Euro Truck Simulator 2 Telecharger Jeux truck. We’re in somebody else’s truck. Now the one thing to bear in mind before you take a job is to stop. My truck got hand brake on. If you press F six, you can see I’ve got 11 hours of driving left. When you get your own truck, you need to be careful because you’ll need to go to a rest station. Don’t take a job unless you can get there in enough sleep in enough time, or the job must have enough time to allow your rest period in between. Be careful of that. Otherwise you can end up getting screwed over on your contract. So anyway, that’s, uh, onto the next job now in somebody else’s truck, it was a nice Mercedes-Benz. If you save up, you’ll be able to buy your own. I should bring you feature videos with some of my adventures and also tutorials on how to play the game better. And some of the mods, I hope you liked this overview.

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