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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 full game download

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 + All DLC [FULLY WORKING]

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How to download Full Version of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018?

We’re going to be doing a review on Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download . Now I haven’t done a game review in over a year, most likely, but we’re back. I have like over 350 games on the scene. So we have lots of games review here. This is actually a game that I’ve played a decent amount of, but, um, I do enjoy it and get a, get my full review right now. So a car mechanic, similar to 2018. I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for watching. Okay. So here we are at my garage. Um, and this is a actual upgrade garage. I don’t really start with this, but you can see I’m level. What am I. Level 11, almost on the 12th. So I almost have another upgrade to my garage, but, um, this is the game. It’s a, the game, basically the concept behind it is you get cars, there’s a whole call order. You pick up a car, the car comes in your garage, put it up on the hoist and you fix the problem. Now the early game is kind of like, it tells you what the problem is. It tells you what you need to change. So it’s pretty easy.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Review

But later on, you actually had cars where you have to figure out what the problem is. You have to find the parts that are broken now. Well, like this is a, a car that I actually own. You could buy cars if you go here, see, there’s like, you can go when you can drive your cars on these different tracks. And there’s these bars that you can go to and you can go to the barn, you can get your car, you gotta purchase it. And there’s also auctions. It’s really cool. So what you do is basically fix a car and you sell it. Now here’s a car I actually just bought. Haven’t even touched it yet. If I go to like overview mode, you can kind of see the whole engine there.

Everything is white because there’s nothing wrong with it. If I open up the hood, I go in to like the inspect mode, I guess you could say go back and examine mode. And I start examining things. It’ll start showing me colors depending on what. It actually looks like some parts. You actually cannot take off the car unless you, or sorry. Cannot overview unless you take it off the car such as like here can be examined or can be examined by taking off the car, the ignition wires. Um, it’s pretty fun though. There’s also other ways of finding out. So like suspension and stuff. There’s um, you take it on the track. There’s a test track that tells you about things. There’s a suspension of brake check thing here. Uh, you can also go in here. Use my examining tools. So I have like an OBD scanner.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 download pc

Oh, okay. There’s no OBD Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download PC port on this because it’s an older car and it needs to be able to start like this, this car is obviously a piece of shit. Like it doesn’t even start right now and you actually fix it up and get to a running good capability. So you’re out there. So you can see battery ignition coils alternator, are they all damaged? Now, if I go into overview mode, you can see those things are now colored. Now, if I go here,

I can sell the car for $23,000. Here’s all the personally car that can’t be changed showing me what the question marks. Obviously I don’t know they’re broken or what, um, but that’s another thing in which you go in, you inspect and you’ll finally figure it out. And, uh, another thing is like, they kind of show damage in this game by rust, which, I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s, it’s understandable that they have to do something like that. It’s like things damage it’s rusty, but in reality, I mean, it’s not like, Oh, there’s an exhaust leak problem. There’s going to be a crack in here. It’s just going to be rusted the shit, which, I mean, obviously in a video game, they can’t really do anything about that. That’s something that, you know, It’s how they make the game. So it’s whatever, but, uh, we’ll do a little bit of work to this car.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 download

So we’re going to move it over to my car lift. There it is. Now the way that you buy parts to re to replace them as you go to your computer here, there’s all these different shops. There’s also a lot of, um, What do you call them a deal CS for this game? There’s a dip car packs of actual name, brand cars. But, uh, so here you go to like the main shop. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download Full Game You got all the parts here for all the different cars that you can change out. So you kinda make a shopping list here of things that you need to fix. So we’re gonna go ahead, pull my inventory with all my parts here.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 dlc download

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Full Version Download for PC

You can see the last car I worked on. I have a lot of random parts leftover, which I’m just going to sell all the shits. And there’s also a bunch of things you could repaint cars. Like I don’t even have a lot of stuff on locked, but I got the repair bench and the other room there that I was showing you earlier soon, I can unlock a garage, more storage from a garage into the lift. Um, over here, dyno paint, shop another lift. There’s a bunch of things you could do the car, a welding tool. So if I come over to the repair bench, here’s something I can repair. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download Full Version I got a 50% chance. Again, you can upgrade the chance through your, uh, level, skill points that you get.

So I’m gonna try upgrading this. Nope, it failed. Okay. So now it’s. Even more broken and I cannot even attempt to fix it again, all these parts that are like really garbage. I’m not going to be able to use some, I’m just going to sell them all. And like, as odd as it is, I mean, it’s a game where you’re just fixing cars and selling cars actually really enjoyable. Like I get a lot of fun out of doing this. And I feel like you kind of have to have the want to be into cars to play the game though. Like you need to be interested in the whole concept of cars that actually play it. But, um, there’s also these cases, you can get open up the case. It gives you some random loot, which is why I have all those random things above.

So let’s see what I got here. Cam shaft, camshaft cap, and exhaust manifold, a white one. It’s kind of nice. Click the items. These are all the items that I’ve kind of collected over cases. So you would go, we’re going to start with this car here. So this car does not start, so we know there’s something going on and, uh, the game doesn’t really tell you what to do. So it’s kind of something that you gotta figure it out on your own, but, uh, ignition distributor right off the bat, um, I’m assuming it might be a problem with the, uh, what do you call it? Um, spark plugs. So I’m going to go ahead. I’m going to remove. The ignition wires, which are already damaged.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 download

Mr. Distributor can see this is an older car, so it’s not as simple as, um, there’s a clip here. I gotta get off. There you go. Now I can take it off. See that thing’s pretty. The ignition distributor rotor. That’s fucked. Listen distributor. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Free Download That’s pretty fucked. Ignition coil be take that off. It’s pretty damaged now. Here’s all of my spark plugs. 18% garbage, 40%, not bad. 25%, not bad or pretty garbage 32%. So not bad though. 36%, not bad, but 9% not bad. 52%, not bad. And last one 56%. So they’re all pretty good. So now do here as I go with my inventory, I got all these parts here. I know I need one, two, three. I normally change anything 30 and below, but for this sake of it, I’m just going to change all the orange ones too. So there you go. One, two, three, four, five, six spark plugs. I need. And the mission distributor. So let’s just start with that. I didn’t add it to my list so I can actually look at it here, but you can add things to your list. So I’m going to go plug here’s. The spark plugs, six of them for $36. Boom. There, my inventory condition. Uh, what was it again? Ignition distributor. Boom. I believe I need the rotor. Which is not here.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Télécharger PC Gratuit

Okay. Let’s see for sure what I needed there. So I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna sell some of these spark plugs after I put them in dishes. Coil B is not bad. My clip is fucked ignition distributor rotor, seeing that actually right here. Boom. Um, and then what was the other thing I needed? Clip B we’ll just change that while we’re here. Clip B boom, nine bucks. There we go. So now we can go ahead into the engine part, Mount. This is a distributor who brought on the rotor for the cap, so you can see these are the, all the different parts. So if I click on this, it’s going to give me all the different, like ones I have in my inventory. Obviously I only have one right now to be on. Let be, Oh, I was actually missing one. So I’ll put the other one though on, after, uh, it looks like I’m also missing the engine head cover and a fuel filter. Those are two things I probably need to start a car that’s to get another clip, we’re going to get the fuel filter. There we go. Come on over here. Part Mount. Fuel filter, bam. Uh, the other clip that I needed, which was just right there to be bam. Now, what else did I need? Uh, my initial wires were good now. I need to get the engine head covered. See how this kind of stuff I’ll add to my purchase list.

How to download Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 for PC – Add to list. It’s just a little bit more harder starter. See, that’s something you probably need to start a vehicle. I started as something you need to start a vehicle. So we’re going to go buy one of those two, just put back in our spark plugs, all of our new ones here, and hopefully we get this car up and running and then that way I can take it on the track. I could take it on the other testers and get a lot of information without ripping apart. The whole entire car initial wires let’s get new ignition wires too. So we’ll get the new also, we need a starter. I think there’s a lot of these. I don’t know if it’s a VA or not. This is a VA. Let’s find out part loud. It is a VA. Yeah. So we’re going to buy the VA $95, uh, ignition wires. Oh God. I did not know which ones I needed. Should’ve probably looked into that. I need the VA. Would you look at that? So I need the VA ones on here. They’re there. Oop. I need a, I got the starter. Oh yeah. The thing on my shopping list. What was that again?

Engine, head, cover engine, head cover a and then it’s going to be V8. OHV there’s a lot here, VA. I’m just gonna type in it. V eight O H V. This one here. Boom. Now we can go back in probably the rest of these parts in, screw it all down, put it in the starter. Oh, so this one accessible from under the car. So I actually had to lift the car to get to that one. You can just lift it up. Now, another thing I should actually check while I’m here is, do we have any oil in the car? There is no oil in the car. Okay. So while the car is up, we can check the oil pan, make sure that’s not damage. And then we can put some oil in there. There’s also like when you’re removing oil, you have to use the oil drain. Which is actually kind of a part that I like about it.

cms 2018 dlc download

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Download Full Game PC + DLC

Like it, it makes me feel like you actually, can’t just be an idiot because he’s taking off the car. Great oil, honestly, with the amount of Russ on it, it looks good, but I’m just going to be safe by taking it off. Cause there there’s no oil in there. It’s 34%. That’ll be fine. So I’ll put that guy back on so we could fill up the car with some oil and then see if it starts after just put that starter in really quick. Right there. Boop. There she goes. Okay. So now let’s bring the car back down, put the oil on or in and then see how are we going? So, uh, where’s the oil. What do we actually put the oil on right here? Oil filled plug. Go ahead. Thompson oil in. Now it does cost money to put oil in. So as long as it’s pretty realistic, there we go. And I like, even though I just put oil in, you can check the dipstick. It tells you how much oil you’ll put in the more, if you put in a lot, there’ll be maxed out. So it actually changes depending on that, talking about tools, when it comes to like Springs, there’s a spring polar here.

So to take apart your Springs, You actually need to use the spring polar tire changer, taking off rooms from tires, the talent, the wheel balancer. There’s a lot of things in this and soon enough we’ll have a, a crane and we can take an engine out and actually put it on the engine stand. Okay. So now that we’ve got all these things in and see if we could start the car, sit in, try to start the car. okay. It looks like, Oh, I don’t think it started there. It looks like it’s not starting. Okay. That’s okay. Let’s see. What’s cracking back here. Cause now we got the kid feel pressure tester. Okay. We’re going to help hoist this up again. We’re gonna take off the fuel filter, make sure that the thing is not damaged. I guess the one thing that kind of sucks is when it comes to the fuel filter, you actually don’t need to. Okay. So the fuel tank was 10%.

Let’s see if that will help it by changing that you actually have to put fuel in the car. And it doesn’t matter if you remove it. If there is in the car, uh, what was it? Fuel tank here we go. 300 bucks. So now, like all this money is coming right from my, from my pocket, but eventually, uh, I could sell it for more than what I purchased that for. So it’s pretty fun. Actually. There we go. I feel like it’s kind of one of those tedious games that are actually like enjoyable. It’s weird. So it’s hopping again. Maybe the batteries was not, the battery was going to be to check the battery electrical. Is that it on, I think it’s on this. Let’s go to the test track here. We’re going to take care of this out. Nope. Oil filter VA is missing from the car. We don’t have an oil filter. Whoops. See, Oh, I see where it goes right there

Weight Oh eight Oh B V. I think it was oil filter. VA OHV. Boom. That is Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Telecharger Jeux probably one of the reasons why it wasn’t starting. I don’t think it started though. I’m not sure. It sounded like it was kind of started though part Mount. Where is it? Right there. Oop. Now we have an oil filter and like, actually, if you remove the oil without that being there, you have to pay money to get it cleaned up. Let’s see if we could test it. Now. There we go. So the car starts, we just basically took a car that did not start and made it start. Actually pretty interesting. Now it’s not the most realistic game when it comes to cars, because like, obviously you don’t have to remove parts that gets the other parts. Sometimes it’s kind of simplified, but I don’t have a door. That’s interesting. So here’s the test track. This is going to tell us a little bit about the car. So right off the bat celebration test is from here to the next green line. Now we’ve got our acceleration test on this.

One’s going to be our solemn test. And there’s also parking spaces. So you can’t technically keep the cars if you really want to me personally, I don’t really care if someone’s going to sell it. Suspension tests last but not least the brake test. There we go. So we did the test. And now come back to the garage and it’s going to tell us, so we have like our suit, like this basically now tells us all this information that’s wrong with the car that we can now. Go into the overview mode and we could see it showed up in red. Now, when it comes to some of these parts, such as the Springs, this, these parts are normally all messed up together. It’s not just the spring, but just that test. We’ll only do the spring. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Version Complete – Now, if we go and we could take this over to the test path, which will show us our brakes and our suspension. Throwing a test. There’s all these little things that are actually like it’s, like I said, it’s tedious, but it’s an enjoyable tedious. So come up to the first set of wheels, front wheels, hold the brake button. There we go.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Full Version . Now it tells me my front and back brakes are actually not too bad. I read up on a form that actually, if it’s below, um, 30%, then it matters. If not, they actually don’t care. Like the price doesn’t change. If you put it. Something that’s like 35% to a hundred percent. It doesn’t actually matter. That’s what I was told, but I don’t know. I just kind of keep everything above. So here we go finish with the rear suspension test and it looks like that one’s pretty fucked. So here’s all the information, rubber bushings. It tells us everything close. Can I move this back? The hoist. Again, go into overview overview mode, salmon mode rather. And now you can see, like I was saying, all these parts are kinda messed up. My shocks were pretty messed up.

Go to the front of the car. It’s not letting me, why is it being weird? There we go. Examine mode. You could see, we found out a lot more information about the car. And like I said, there’s a bunch of things you could do to test that, to figure out exactly what’s wrong. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Full Game But, um, I actually really do enjoy this game. So I’m going to give you guys my final review here. It’s going to be right after this part. Um, I hope you guys enjoyed the actual game play though. If I miss something, I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t really remember everything that’s in the game, but, um, some of these games on my game review. Series is actually going to be like fresh. Like I’ve never played it.

cms 2018 download

So it’s kind of like a game of view and a first impressions. But, um, this is again, I’ve put a couple hours probably about 20 hours into now and I’ve, uh, I’ve definitely enjoyed it, but anyways, um, over to the, to the review. Okay guys. So here’s going to be my final review for the game now. I actually have to say this game was pretty good for the concept behind it. Simulator game. I just don’t normally get that much love, but I actually, some reason get enjoyment out of it. So I actually broke down the game into a couple of categories here. So player base, I’m going to say it’s pretty mature when it comes to this type of game, you need to have a mature. Knowledge towards cars, I guess. And a lot of younger people don’t really how or have that maturity. Um, for the graphics, the graphics are actually pretty good. Considering the simulator game, a lot of similar games don’t have that great of graphics, but it’s pretty good.

I mean, there’s CMS 2018 Download . Um, the price, I would say for you don’t know the price of the game, I’m going to show it on the screen right now. I think it’s like $21 Canadian, but for the price, I think it’s worth it considering the amount of time that you actually can get out of it. You know, the requirements from what I’ve heard is actually a pretty demanding game. For me, it was someone who was a pretty decent PC. I don’t really have that much problem. So I put it down as fast. Um, I will show a screenshot of the minimum and maximum that steam, um, provides right on the screen now. So, uh, you guys can kind of see if you can actually run the game or not for the difficulty. I would say it’s medium considering it kind of shoots you off with like, No, you know, knowledge behind the game, but it’s something that you can kind of pick up if you know, a little bit about cars, which I don’t think it could be really playing if you don’t know about cars. So I kind of put it in medium because if you don’t know about cars, it’s pretty hard. But if you do know about cars, it’s pretty easy. So I feel like mediums, pretty good point for that. The game, like I put it as endless because honestly you can play the game.

Forever, but it’s more, are you going to get bored of it? Me personally, I know for a fact that I would get bored of the game eventually, but for right now, it’s one of those types of games where nice to go on play a couple hours of, and, you know, play whenever you want story. It doesn’t really have a story. It does have a story mode. Not really. It has cars that come in that apparently story, but I don’t really know if there’s. An end to the story. So I put it as it doesn’t have one, because from what I know, there’s no big story because one of my buddies actually is max level. He’s done all of the points on the like little point system there and he doesn’t have anything story-wise, um, cinematic and art, there is no cinematics or art in the game. Really. Um, I mean the actual trailer I have to say is a very, very nice for a simulator. CMS 2018 Full Game The game I was. More than surprised with the actual trailer. And it makes me want to play it more and watching that trailer, uh, you guys can see the trailer and description if you would like. And also a link to the actual game will be in the description, uh, music and sound.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Version Complete PC + full DLC

There is a radio in the game CMS 2018 Full Version now allows you to play all different types of genre of music. So I put it as average. It has a lot more of dance music, which I actually enjoy. So that’s something I like, but there’s no rap or there is Papa, you know, for some other people, they might not really like the music. So I put it as average. Gameplay. It’s pretty good. I mean, the game play is pretty good. It’s not boring. It’s the tedious enjoying thing, like I’ve said. Um, and then for bugs, from what I’ve played, I actually found no bugs. So like I said, nothing I’ve seen, but there could possibly have been bugs in the game. Others multiplayer single player. It is a single player game. There is no multiplayer. It’d be interesting if they added multiplayer in the future, but I honestly see no necessary or like necessarily need for it. So my final score, there’s going to be 810 an hour. The reason I did eight out of 10 is because, yes, it’s a really fun game. Can enjoy a lot of time playing it for now. But like I said, it’s one of those types of games that I know personally, I will not play forever. So it’s not a game like Counterstrike, Raul always end up coming back to it. I feel, but I’m in of attends a pretty good solid score. So if you guys are looking for a new game to play that it kind of gets your time by, I would recommend playing this game. But I hope you guys enjoyed watching my game review. It’s been a while since my last one. And I plan to do more of these calmed down below what you guys would rate the game. If you guys do play it. And, uh, thank you guys for watching. Have yourself a good day. How to download CMS 2018 for PC

cms 2018 download free

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