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Our guys scroll here and welcome to a brand new series called shucking diaries. What is trucking diaries? Simply part. This is me playing American Truck Simulator Download in full career mode. You’re going to see me from the beginning here. I am creating my profile. I’m going to call it school logistics. I’ve picked my picture is actually me. I’m in the game and that’s me. My picture squirrel logistics become a logo, et cetera. Now I’ve got to pick my home city. I’m going to start in Sacramento in California. Why? Well, why not? I’m going to play this in full career mode. This is an entire series. I’m going to play it at least to about level 40 or 50, somewhere with that Mark. But I may keep going. We’ll see how it goes. One of the things that we’ll do is upfront. I will promise you that I will not do anything in this profile. That you do not see, I may use mods later in the series to bring in new trucks or possibly bring in new map exchanges. There’s that kind of thing. But every mile I drive in a truck in this profile, you will see it happen. Every decision I make, every point I spend, every dollar I spend every driver or truck I hire. You’re going to see it all. It’s a fall. If you like, let’s pray series. Let’s crack on we’re here or inside the cab. Okay. It’s not our truck. We don’t own this truck, but we’re in a truck.

American Truck Simulator Review

We’re American trucks. Then the very first delivery of trucking diaries. This is so cool. How long have you waited for American trucks then? So I have a look at this thing. It’s a red Peterbilt. Uh, it’s a trailer with 12 tons of fruit and let’s have a look at the map. We’re in Sacramento. We are going down the road here. Very short journey call, like at eight it’s sunny it’s so sunny outside. What is the temperature on the dash 26 Celsius. We have 220 gallons of fuel. Mmm. Okay. Okay. We’ve got an analog Speedo analog rev counter. We’ve got an analog fuel gauges, one analog dials. I like on a long dials. Don’t need to sit a few, a lunch, press the Ikea and spin through here. Oh, digital speeder. That’s quite useful on the sat nav there. It says 35. That’s going to be the speed limit. All right, let’s start it up. Put the parking brake on because it’s never put on for you. Right? I’m using manual shifts. I’ve got two, four, six, and then it can Upshift to eight, 12, 10, and 12. Also I’ve got split shifts so I can go out and even, but. American Truck Simulator Download PC Most driving. I tend to leave it on even gears. I don’t need anything else. Also with something like this, we should be able to start in fourth gear. No problem. Okay. Let’s go. Oh yeah. First stuff for delivery in trucking diaries. I know it’s small. It’s a really tiny delivery, but you know, you’ve got to start somewhere. What’s that phrase about, um, Um, eight countries springing from small seats. I can’t remember the exact phrase. Oh, is it an Oak tree? Actually all Oak trees spring from tiny seeds or something like that. Anyway, it looks so lovely and sunny out here compared to the sort of. You know, the Scandinavian, uh, icy weather that we’ve been driving around in a Euro truck. So I actually drive around in 26 Celsius heat. In Sacramento, California, who were motel looking at is actually really rather nice classic motel design. Isn’t it straight out of a GTA or the American shows that you see, I should look at them. Well, look in the motor city, look at the wall, texturing. It all looks dirty and warm. That is actually really cool. You normally don’t see that kind of thing in an STS map. Normally everything is all pristine and shiny, but it actually looks worn. In fact, even the road surface, if you look at it, Whoa dude, dude, dude, I believe you’re on a red light though, bro.

Some things never change, huh? Like the AI, the road surface actually looks dirty and cracks and there’s. Tire marks on it and I love it. It looks authentic, become a nice if the grass looks a little bit drier, I think from what I was in California, I remember everything being pretty hot and dry so that, you know, the only things that were properly green were things that were being watered. And I can’t believe everything around here has been watered, but Hey, whatever. I love the styling. Love the detail. Look at it. Good grief. American Truck Simulator Download Full Game There’s a guy jamming though. Did you see that? Does it go with this little beat box? Just dancing in the middle of the park. That’s so funny. I’ll look at that American car there. Look at the, uh, what do they call those things? Oh, can’t forget. I forget what they call those. It’s just reminds me of, um, like seventies, America.

ats download pc

With a sort of wooden veneer effects. Wow. Okay. We’ve arrived here. It looks like we’re on simple parking. Initially. I will switch that out. A break on, right. That’s a handle. The gentlemen, um, What do you need it? Let’s play safe. Sorry. Am I right? Okay. So here’s where the, uh, this, this is different from American trucks. So this is essentially saying I’m going to skip it. Just, just park it. I don’t care. Let’s play it safe, which is like easy parking, which would be here to our left. And then, uh, the more complicated delivery would be down there. It looks like we’d have to reverse and I’m always going to go complicated. In fact, there’s an option. Let me confirm that there’s actually an option. If you, if you go to options to change, don’t in front, we’ll do that now, before I forget if we’ve got options, gameplay, um, scroll down, it says parking difficulty. That’s where you select. So I’m just going to go skill parking every time. Uh, I think I need to park it. I was actually asking for that for a long time. And you’re a truck, you know, the idea of having more difficult parking spaces for bonus XP. I’m so pleased to put it in the game. American Truck Simulator Download Full Version It’s it’s a lovely addition. Because imagine when, um, when map offers like models to start bringing out their maps and they’ll be able to hook into that as well. And who knows what kind of crazy parking they’re going to come up with? I look forward to it. Kevin just checked out distance on that side. We’re all good. Yeah. I’m going to keep the curve going here just a little bit tough. We don’t push into that wall. The trick with this one is, is getting that curve, right? That’s it. We’re all clear down that side, that pop up needs to go. I think there’s a, I can sat down as an option. Okay. So far so good. Straighten her up a bit. Now we go. Nice. Nice. Nice, nice press the TKI disconnect. Let’s get paid company collects or achievements one to 15. Okay.

ats download

That gave us enough XP for a tiny little bit. I guess we’re going to have to pick out our own job now. Oh, look a little shack. Oh, it’s so cute. Truck headquarters. Look, look at the mess. Let’s stay in this. What the heck, this has had a rough life, but don’t worry, guys. We shall transform this to a trucking empire. The likes of which Sacramento has never seen. I wonder what this was. Look at it. It’s like some kind of loading Bay thing going on here. It’s pretty basic. It made it a bit much Brits a start. Unfortunately, you haven’t got enough. Anything to park there yet. So there are no trucks inside. Once you’ve earned enough money and bought a truck, you’ll be able to. Moving the world freely and run your own business from here. Good luck. Alright. So the thing now is we don’t have a truck yet, so I’ve just got to keep on working, uh, doing quote jobs. And so we can convince the bank to give us a job. So it doesn’t really matter where we go, I guess. I mean, we could go anywhere around here, California, Nevada currently, uh, there are more States probably, you know, come in. I know there’s a free one come in, but then. We’re even gonna have to wait for official DLC or map to take us further afield, but we’ve got plenty here to play with. Let’s sort by a route length, cargo weights, price per distance will max out the money here. Price per distance. Actually let’s just stop by price for now. Let’s get the most money.

So that would take us a long way down the 244 miles. What about that one that goes up to Redding? A quail funds is the idea of going North. Although going South would be a better move because there’s more, more cities down here. But I quite fancy driving this, um, black Kenworth, C6 80 high rise sleeper, $2,700. Let’s take it toys. 1300 toys. Well, you know what? California needs toys. Dan, Dan let’s press the effort. Let’s get rid of that. We don’t need that. Oh, I like this. I quite like Ken words. I don’t know why, but I just, I do seem to be having a growing, growing affinity for Kenworth. I like to stand as well. It’s quite nice. Okay. Let’s start syrup express eye and see what the display is. Fuel economy, cruise control, temperature fuel. Okay. We’ll leave it on fuel economy. One thing I don’t like is the speedometer is 1525, 35, 45. Like why? But then the speed limits 35. Do they always do half unit measures in America is always like 35 and 55. Why is that? That’s so strange. How did that come about? Wonder right. Annoyingly. My mirrors are messed up again. I can’t be bothered, fixing them every time. So I’m just going to leave them from now. We need to watch that trailer when we pull out fair. We’re going out that way. I think we’re going past Jeff. Jeff’s on the door over here. I know Jeff. Nice guy, Jeff salt, the legs off a donkey though. Let’s give him a little tube. Alright, Jeff, how’s it going, mate? All you just look at you you’re playing like that or? Yeah, you’re just looking away from me pretending I’m not there. How to download American Truck Simulator for PC

ats dlc download

American Truck Simulator Full Version Download for PC

Just ignoring me, bro. I see how it is. He’s probably annoyed cause I’m a beat him at poker the other night. No need to be rude to Whistler. Okay. Roads Clint. Can you hear that? Pneumatic? Listen. Okay. It’s the gears engaged, leaving Sacramento. Well, the talk on this to Gary, how many kids is this thing gone? I wonder if this is an 18 speed box. It seems to be gearing up very quickly. Like we’re in 10th already. I wouldn’t say that it might be right. We’ve got a speed limit at 55. Let’s put our foot down a bit. American Truck Simulator Telecharger Jeux Oh, it’s just lovely round day. Look at it. I mean, I’m not the only done two States in the game so far, but I’ve got to tell you the detail is unbelievable. So a little bit fast going down the interstates. Okay. Bro. I’m a trucker too. You couldn’t give them away from me. I mean, I know I’m supposed to give way though. I did see the giveaway side. Oh, wow. Look at that car. I was APIC. I was like something out Futurama. Oh, blimey. Boat’s on the right though. Why is there a tug Bova was a tugboat. Wasn’t it? Okay. Unfortunately, I’ve only set myself up for a, um, a 12 speed set of 15 here. I’ve got a feeling. This might be an 18 speed box, so it can actually go higher than 12 gear, which is a bit speed restricting, but nevermind. Oh, I need to go that way, mr. Ambulance. Thank you. Oh, like isn’t gearbox. If you look at the, um, can you see on the sat nav, it’s like classic design, the, um, the quad. You see these a lot in Europe as well. The kind of cord loop thing you said it’s like a cloth, like a four leaf Clover almost. 3.2 miles per gallon, 3.1, a gallon of fuel every three miles.

I know our European friends are going to be a bit, what the heck does that mean? Um, in the UK, we still, we still use miles per gallon as they do in America. Although the American gallon is slightly different. The U S gallons slightly difference to the Imperial gallon. Not by a huge amount, but we all, you know, both the UK and the Americans understand the concept of miles per gallon and not only understand the concept, they actually can attach some meaning to it. They understand what it means. Whereas in Europe, they, that tends to use liters by a hunt. What does it lead to a hundred kilometers? The standard unit, which I understand what it means. It’s how many liters of fuel you burn per a hundred kilometers. But in my head, because I don’t, you know, I’ve never had a car and knowing what the liters per hundred kilometers I have no in a concept of what’s good and bad. If you see what I mean. Whereas I know that if I have a car that does 20 miles per gallon, that’s pretty bad. American Truck Simulator Version Complete

American Truck Simulator ultimate edition download

Because I know that I could buy a for example, a diesel car and it would do at least 50 miles to a gallon of fuel. So to see 3.4 on that is pretty scary. That’s ridiculous. You know, may not be for a truck, but for a car that is ridiculous. Oh, look. Oh, look, I bet you’ve got a speed gun. Uh huh. I ain’t speed in bro. I haven’t got the gearbox for it. I’ve only got 12 gear range. But yeah, it leads us behind the kilometers, um, in both cases. Well, interestingly enough, Oh, please pull in for a vehicle inspection at the nearest weigh station. I guess this is one. Okay, so this isn’t new in American truck. I think it was that cop that passed me. He wants to do an inspection loaded three miles per hour. Stop it, the truck’s gonna activate the icon to submitted inspection. This is in America. They have these lot while they do album in Europe as well. These are loading based. However, I’ve never experienced this in a European truck simulator. It’s never in the white hair and sort of skull clear, but they do have to do these kind of random things where they pull over and make sure that the trucks are not, not overweight. Okay, press to activate inspection. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a safe journey. That’s gone to be that cop that we passed that initiated that. It’s kind of cool. I wonder what happens if you don’t do it though? Like if I just carry it on, would I automatically be fined or is it a percentage chance of being fined or, you know, what’s the penalty. Um, but yeah, the lease is one, two kilometers.

American Truck Simulator Télécharger PC Gratuit

American Truck Simulator Version Complete The, the, uh, the small number of the batter, because obviously the less fuel per a hundred kilometers, the batter with miles per gallon, it’s the other way round the higher the miles per gallon, the better. So like the scales go the opposite directions, really with MPG, the higher the batter with liters behind the kilometers, the lower, the better 3.3 miles per gallon. DME. Oh, freight train hype. I smell very big. I’ll come on another cop car. Good grief. I was expecting, um, American freight trains. Well, we’ve driven American freight triangle. I have on my channel and they are much bigger than that. Everybody knows an American freight train is massive, especially the Sacramento ones. That should be really long. They shouldn’t have done that. They should have made them. The big open highways of California, the way you can’t beat that. I think it’s my miles per gallon is really bad because my Gehring is so bad. I’ve only got 12 gears and it should be like an 18 at this point. So I’m going to burn a lot of fuel, which is probably going to know the guy that I’m delivering. Is he going off your lunch late? Making them run out and feel stuck in 12th grade, actually much in the spirit of the truck at the train, it’s doing 50 miles per hour. Approximately now there’s just the runs of your GTA. Like GCA is environment, looks like this and you get these terrains incenting, GTA. I concern right smashed through that fence and jump over the back of that train, which I’m not even going to try. And American trucks. Oh man.

Car again, not like a futuristic one. I think I’ve seen that in Matthew as well in my feed. There’s an older version of that. Well, I can’t, I just can’t wait to see what the model has bring out for this game. Cannot wait, nevermind the vehicles, but the maps is going to be amazing. I wonder if the, uh, the myPath is. We’re moving over. I wonder if the map authors are going to start branching up into maybe Canada, like somebody’s going to have to map Canada, right? Somebody’s going to have to do that. And then North into Alaska, that needs to be done as well, but then they could go South. I mean, where we are in California, you could head South and end up in Mexico. And from there you’re into South America. American Truck Simulator Full Game I know you’re a truck simulator has a big South American following. So.

american truck simulator lego dlc download

American Truck Simulator Download Full Game PC + DLC

Does this truck have a retarder? No, no. Trump, no result on this transmission. Okay. Down the ramp rutting and you Rica exit only. Okay. Running to the right. You reconsider the left. What I named your Rica? Okay. Rolled Claire. I like that. It’s look at the right though, all this kind of stuff. It just makes it feel like a real world. You know, it’s not just blend. They could have just left that blend, but they didn’t leave it blend, but they put kind of stuff in it. Pipes. Bits of stuff left around and some construction people just hanging out. ATS Full Game Look at that. That’s what makes a worldview lived in. Okay. I’m going to bring up this many maps that we can just see clearly where we’re going. There’s the delivery on his other lever point. Yeah, it is. Yeah. You see? No, look, the delivery point has been selected because I chose a difficult parking automatically. So now it’s not given as a choice. It’s just saying, okay, you want it difficult? Have it difficult. just thinking about where we’re going here. I think I’m going to drive to the right and then reverse in. So that’s actually quite difficult reverse, which is absolutely awesome. This box is on the inside. They’re pretty important to scout the area, I think before you start heading that way. Nice, nice convertible though. The command. Okay. We’ll pull up this weight and get the trailer lined up like that. I’ll look at that in front of us. Just like a little pot. That’s so nice. You can just see yourself hanging out, get some snacks. Don’t sit in the song. Shale. Let me start. Turn it pretty shellfish. However it needs to not wipe out people’s cars. Because that would not be good, particularly not that nice car. We’ve got this side. We’ve got that side. I like it. This is a, this is definitely challenging. This is cool. Authentic delivery points, you know? Yeah. Would play down that side. Just get the trial to gently start turning. Still got some space on that side as well. ATS Full Version

Okay. Start shutting him and sound a bit. Now, still got room down that side. Okay, so lock actually just, I didn’t start turning quickly enough. One of the, one of the things I’m still transitioning from is from the European Cabo over to the American kind of a long nose design. Which still catches me out because I’m the Cambodia, of course the turning circle. You can change the turning circle much quicker because of the much shorter wheel base. So, so catches me out unless you do it. There we go. So good. We didn’t damage anything. That’s the main thing. Right. Did we get anyone there? Level one yet? Maybe a chunk of XP. Oh yeah. Level one. Whoo. Newbie. Hey, we go first point now, then, uh, normally I used to go long distance because long distance pays really well deliveries, up to 400 miles. Um, high value cargo. Unlocks high value job offers the locks, fragile goods, 5% reward for 22% bonus for delivering front general cargo. 18% next P 22% next. Okay. Just in time. Okay. I’m going to go with this because if you look at the numbers here, 5%. Um, bonus for money and a 22% bonus experience.


ats dlc download

There’s no shortage of people want to build a map for that. What is going on? Oh, it’s the traffic. It was like a roadblock with that police car, but it’s nice just to try it. Great. They got the styling just right though. Didn’t they? They got the assets, right? The signage, the, the look of the road. It really is feeling like California. I’ve actually driven in California on a, it does feel like it’s, it’s pretty good. Blue sky all day long. Why would you not want that in your life? Okay. As a rest stop here, though. It’s not quite your motorway service station in the UK, very different style, similar concept, but very different style. Look at that, but it’s a stop at one of those ones. At some point, when we got our own truck, we’ll definitely have to stop with one of these things. Can’t wait to see what the rest stops are like the motels. When if you send the motels over now, I bet you can read. Dang you Rica. Hornbrook okay. I can see on the side now, if the delivery point is not a million miles away, I’m staying in this lane. I think we’re probably gonna have to filter off. You only give them. We’ll go into Eureka. What’s the destination was when you Rica. Oh, Redding going to Eddie’s in reading, but we all get an offer. ATS Download

American Truck Simulator Version Complete PC + full DLC

How to download ATS for PC Okay. That’s 5% and 18%. This offers is more benefit and the quicker we level up the quicker we’re gonna unlock more of this stuff. So I used to go a long distance, but given how mapping, that’s not quite so valuable as it was in Euro truck. Not yet anyway, and not until we’ve gotten much because the long distance cargo does pay pretty well. But. Supply that fragile being able to take fragile cargo is very reusable, right? We’re going to leave it low. That was episode one of truck and diaries. We are now level one. We can’t purchase our own truck just yet. We can click purchase truck, but we don’t have enough money. So we need to wait for the bank to lend us money. So I have to do more quick jobs and then we’ll be rocking and rolling. Take care, guys. See you in the next episode. Happy trucking.

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